Disclaimer… Who am I to guide you in your quest to health? The Truth Method


My reviews on health, supplements, and nutrition, practitioners, systems, modalities are based on a little knowledge and a lot of muscle testing.

I am not a doctor, I am not a nutritionist, I am not a pharmacist… I am a True Empath, an avid reader, and a very diligent muscle tester. I also test some stuff on myself. To the tune of thousands of dollars worth of stuff a year. ((If you read my bio, I went from an unwanted preemie, to a sickly baby, to a sick adult. Sick in my body, sick in my spirit. I woke up to the possibility of taking responsibility for my own well being, when the doctors were suggesting to operate on my stomach that had been bothering me for 25 years. I heard the quiet little voice say: no.

That was pretty much the last time I went, voluntarily, to a doctor. A few more times I was taken… but none of those incidents with the medical establishment turned out well for me.

Adhesions that are crippling. Major brain damage due to medical error. Loss of teeth due to medical greed.

At some point I was reading seven different “alternative” newsletters, only to distill my opinion: they all are trying to sell me something.

It is the truth with anyone and everyone who makes more money if you follow their instructions or advice.

In my practice, I make sure this is not the case. I make money for what I do… and your well-being, smile, and thriving is my “tip”.))

I also test on clients: it is never intentional, but it is often a test nevertheless. Watching, observing evaluating, learning new things.
The hardest thing to test is: why something won’t work. Why? Because if you ask stupid questions, you’ll get stupid answers.
The art of asking questions is to get to the cause… to the root.

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