Follow up on the request to help me find a way to make $30 a day reliably

OK, something really remarkable happened. I created a “forum”… I put up this “topic” yesterday, and until this morning no one could give me any advice: registration was blocked… standard settings that I should have changed, but I didn’t.

So the question, $30 a day, was whirling in my unconscious, from time to time showing up as a question.

…and as I was looking for a Turmeric-Curcumin supplement for a client, I came across a review site of supplements… And the aha moment: I could do that! And I may be more qualified than this ex pharmaceutical person, who runs that site. ((The Turmeric Curcumin I started to take on July 25, two weeks ago, was the only one that tested “yes” both for me and the client. The rest: no, or not quite. Here is my experience so far: I have my pain reduced by more than half. And an unexpected result: when I muscle test myself, there is NO INFLAMMATION in my body… Wow. And the even more unexpected: my belly fat, the little that remained, is seemingly letting go and leaving. Double Wow.

So you can be sure I am going to give this brand, this formulation a two thumbs up in my new review site…

SOURCE: click to continue reading Follow up on the request to help me find a way to make $30 a day reliably

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