If your life isn’t working as well as you think it should…

Thinking that your social status, your finances are a reflection of your value is a myth that can render you, your status, your finances low, if you are not born privileged.

I just read an article about the myth of meritocracy and how it hurts kids of color, in The Atlantic, and I found an answer to my question: why my Black students don’t do as well in life as one would expect of them, based on their abilities. Or women. Or other minorities… Or just regular people brought up mainly by women. ((I mean it… and I don’t care if you hate me for it. Women are responsible for 50% of the ills of the world, while men are only responsible for 20% of the ills… I know it looks to you different, but you don’t see… your map of reality is way off))

This post will get at this issue from different vantage points, so hold onto your hat… or you’ll lose it.

You may remember the principle that made T. Harv Eker a millionaire?
If things are not going well, it is a sign that something you don’t know.
Now, what he doesn’t say is that the thing that you don’t see is profound. It is a principle. Or a distinction. Something big.

SOURCE: click to continue reading If your life isn’t working as well as you think it should…

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