What does it mean to raise the vibration?

Vibration is an abstract number signifying the relationship between you and truth, between you and your true nature.

The vibration number is a non-linear number where 35 is despair, almost dead, and 1,000 is the maximum, where you are fully realized.

The average vibration on the planet is 135 (Nov.5,2013) which is being at about 1% of what it is to be a Human Being. A vibration of 200 is the dividing line between wretched and someone who is able to move further up.

Certain capacities, like gratitude, appreciation, love, acceptance are only available at a matching vibrational level, below that level these capacities can be imitated, pretended, role-played, but not fully felt and realized.

Above 200 vibration people are able to do and see a lot of stuff they are unable even to comprehend at a vibration under 200. The higher your vibration the more of the world you can see, the more connection you can detect between things, and you can make better decisions, consistently.

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