Strategy to use when you read my blog:

If you find something that you can say “I want this” then click on the red button on the bottom of the post that says “I want this for myself”

So now you

established your desire for what I taught in that article.

Step 2: look if you are willing to invest the work it is necessary to actually get that thing for yourself. I am not talking about products you can buy, although I may have supportive products. I am not selling you here… I am asking you to examine your heart if you are willing to give something to get something.
If you are, good. Move to the next step. If you are not willing, good. Tell yourself: It sounds like a great idea, and I am not going to invest in getting this result. Thank you very much

This way you are not going to use my site to pile on a lack of integrity, a gap between what you desire and what you do… ok? Don’t miss this step.

Step 3: read the article again, read the related articles, engage in research. None of my ideas are something that you can practice after just one reading… if you are trying to do, you will only exercise your mind, and you will do more harm than good.

If you find that you cannot do it without help, start getting the supportive material, pdf, video, activator, remedy, and coaching. If you are still willing to do what it takes to get that thing… result… state… what you said you wanted.

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