How babysitting your children, your business, even yourself alters how you feel

Context is decisive…

I found a great article that described what has been the most important spiritual shift in my career as a teacher and a coach.

I trust that you’ll be able to see how it applies to you and how it can transform your life, and create a spiritual shift for you too.

Here is the story:
The Day I Pretended to Babysit My Own Kids
By Chana Bitton

Emotionally exhausted. This is how I was beginning to feel on a regular basis. Everything my kids did that wasn’t “perfect” got on my nerves. If they argued with each other, I yelled. If they didn’t listen to me the first time I asked, I yelled. If they had a complaint about dinner, I got annoyed . . . and yelled. Why was I reacting this way? Why couldn’t I enjoy my job as a mother, and see the beauty in raising a family?When did parenting become such a burden?

It was something I thought about regularly, because I knew that the way I was being was not the kind of parent I wanted to be. I wanted to rediscover the enjoyment in parenting, but I needed to dig deep to figure out how to find it again.

One night during bedtime, as I was putting my 6-year-old to sleep, I began having the same agitated feeling. She kept asking questions, not listening, squirming—basically, being a normal 6-year-old. I hated the way I was feeling, and decided to play a little mind game with myself.

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