When your cleverness trips you up

Bad things used to come in threes… Not any more.

Nowadays it is more like three good things and one bad thing.

The bad thing today could be turned into good… maybe writing this article helps.

Some clients buy stuff from me and then they, in their imminent wisdom, combine it with something else…

This is what happened today. Someone who bought the Water Energizer successfully energized his water, I checked when it was 650 vibration, and yet his cell hydration didn’t go up.

What happened? Turned out that after the water was ready to consume, he used a device called Harmony Evolution see:

I visited that site. Dark Side energies, very scary. The place’s vibration is 50. The truth value of their statements less than 1%, and in my evaluation the product is harmful.

SOURCE: click to continue reading When your cleverness trips you up

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