The Attitude That Will Help You Climb The Tree Of Life

An attitude is an approach. It is the result of an internal conversation we are having with ourselves. An attitude is 100% in your power, even if you don’t feel you can change it. And true: you don’t change it directly. You change the conversation, the things you say to yourself.

We are taught in the Tree of Knowledge culture to have a strong “why” for our actions. A reason, and agenda, a purpose to what we want to do.

This attitude will keep you on the Tree of Knowledge, and will keep you wretched: the Tree of Knowledge is the home of wretched living.

For people who have a real hard time conjuring up a big why out of nothing, this may be good news. For people who have invested a lot into growing their desire, visualizing, vision mapping, mind movies, and other happy horse shit, this is going to be really hard, and will feel unnatural.

The attitude that will help you climb the tree of life is the same attitude a guy, George Mallory, a mountaineer,  had for climbing Mount Everest…

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