Why do the gurus have low vibration?

The guru culture, or enlightenment industry, is much like the weight loss industry. It is full of gurus who look at the world, at human misery and offer “solutions” to large problems through a very narrow cone of vision, with a mindset that makes them look and sound special. Special talent, special connection, special story, selected especially to get this knowledge. ((This applies to all the law of attraction, manifesting types as well… ))

How they got enlightened. How they got the gift. Blah blah blah. Male, female… all similar stories, all lies.

Mindvalley is a great aggregator of gurus like that.

Just like the weight loss industry, the purpose of every purchase is to promise you that this is the last and only solution you need, only to leave you hoping that the next “solution” will be the last one, the final solution. Oh, and this is important: if the “solution” doesn’t work, it is your fault. But the next one will be foolproof… you being always the fool who can’t make it work for you.

The guru suggests that there is an end to the seeking and this is it. You found what you were seeking for.

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