How do you pick a life philosophy, how do you pick a guru?

Tons of people come to my site to read my valuation of many gurus’ vibration. When they are done, they choose… How they choose, what they choose says everything about them, not about the guru, not about the method, not about the modality… but about them.

It tells ME what life-philosophy they subscribe to, by what ideology they live their lives. And also how happy they are…
Some ideologies are life affirming, others aren’t.
I spent some time today looking at certain things through this new concept: the fixed mindset.

What triggered this inquiry is the idea that humans devolved into being of fixed mindset. That humans, somewhere in their history, were suggested that you are born to be a certain way, and you cannot change that. You’ll die in that same way. That certain things you can’t change.

My hunch is that this happened concurrently with the suggestion that you should live in your mind, on the Tree of Knowledge, some 7,000 years ago.
The first question I asked: how would you choose what cultural tradition to follow? Ideology, religion, thought processes.
I had this idea that the way I choose mine is so eclectic, that it doesn’t seem to be any guiding thought.

When I went to my first 12-step program meeting, back in 1988, I was asked to choose what I was going to honor as Higher Power, given that I was an atheist. I chose, without much thinking “Whatever works”… And I am still walking this meandering path… I always choose what works. What produces results. What forwards the action.

Were I asked to say what I would NOT choose, I would have an easier time.

I would not choose any god-centered philosophy.
I would look at the land where many people practice a philosophy and I would look if their lives work or not. If they are stagnant, I would be sure NOT to choose that land’s philosophy

For example, looking at any of the Indian traditions, philosophy, guru culture, I would refuse to consider anything suitable for my “whatever works” criteria, given that people in the Indian cultures are poor, soft, live in their heads, self-indulgent, and are fatalists. 100% fixed mindset. ((I have also experienced their sex centered existence when I did the countries’ activation a few years ago. I had never been so appalled and so afraid before that.))

Looking at the Chinese culture, Japanese culture, I see that the segregation between lords and serfs is sharp, and I would not want guidance from a culture based on birth… ugh. 100% fixed mindset.

Now, I have pointed out two types of cultures that I would want to have nothing to do with. ((I did not mention American Indians’ culture… But it is not a good pick either… not at all… Romantic, yes, but not helpful if you want to become someone bigger, better than you are. The same is true about the shamanic cultures of Central and South America or Russia.))

I would not want to have been part of their ruling class, and I would not want to have been part of their

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