Who are you being? What is the beingness that informs your actions?

Who are you being?

What is the beingness that informs your actions right now?

Your being is a paradigm and things show up consistent with that beingness.

I speak often about turning points in my life. Turning points are points in time where who you are changes… ((For example, I am reading a book by Kamal Ravikant whom I reviewed a few months ago. The book, Rebirth: A Fable of Love, Forgiveness, and Following Your Heart is a pilgrimage he took that gave him different ways to be… at least try them on, so he can transform his life. The pilgrimage was a possible turning point for him. Do turning points always work? Yes and no… often they are just experiences, only for you to return to your default way of being, like Kamal Ravikant did.

Of course the dumb, gullible, and pretentious love and celebrate his as a guru… and maybe he is… like all the other Indian gurus, full of crap.

The idea of reinventing yourself is actually quite popular… but without having a clue about beingness… it is b.s.

The moment you invent a being for yourself, the clock starts clicking. Being is always now. You can’t become some being someday… But most of us either don’t know that, or consider ourselves the exception… so you invent some being that you know nothing about… And of course it doesn’t work… It can’t work… It is now cheap words, nothing more.

I have only Landmark Education to bring as an example: all their education is about beingness, none of their results are in the domain of beingness… alas.))

One of them turning points, suddenly I remember, was in 1975. I just left a job where I was unhappy. Nothing new about that: I was happy only a few years of the 17 while I was an architect.

I made a decision based on a temporary emotion early that year, and went to a small firm with a good looking boss. I slept with him, and began a descent to a bad place. Really bad…

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