I found myself saying: I don’t need you to be different than you are. Refuse to be governed!

Yesterday, at the Days of Power energy download, people were blocking the flow. In the end I had to remove everyone from the call, and do the download by myself.

Today, when some of the people apologized, I found myself saying: I don’t need you to be where you are not. I don’t need you to be different than you are ((I found this remarkable article online:
Statists, a difference of opinion is like this: Lisa likes chocolate ice cream and you like strawberry. So the two of you each buy the kind you like. That’s a difference of opinion.

But what you call a difference of opinion is more like this: Here comes the ice cream truck. You say to Lisa “You shouldn’t eat chocolate. Strawberry is better. I eat strawberry, so you should like it too.”

“But I like chocolate,” she replies. “I’m getting chocolate. I have enough money.”

“You are getting STRAWBERRY! It’s the rule,” you say.

“You’re not the boss of me! I’m getting chocolate with my money,” says Lisa.

“You’re an anti-rule extremist, and a criminal,” you tell Lisa. “So I’m gonna tie you to that tree.” When she resists, you escalate the level of force and kick her ass black and blue until she stops resisting. You tie her to the tree, and take her ice cream money. The truck comes and you buy two STRAWBERRY ice cream treats. The truck leaves, and you let Lisa loose, tossing her the strawberry.

“You didn’t buy that ice cream on your own,” you say, “so you owe me a favor now, Lisa. That’s the deal.”

“I didn’t make any deals!! You’re not the boss of me!!” screams Lisa.

“You better calm down and stop disturbing my peace, or else.” You say.

Can you see how kicking someone’s ass, or using government for caging or killing someone who refuses to let you force your own opinions onto them is not just “a difference of opinion?”

That line of consent, which separates sex from rape, gift from robbery, and volunteer work from slavery is a line you have within you just like everyone else. You find it bad when your self ownership is violated, just like everyone else.

stat·ist =  an advocate of a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.))

I don’t think I have even thought that, let alone say that.

But it makes sense, now that I am examining that sentence.

SOURCE: click to continue reading I found myself saying: I don’t need you to be different than you are. Refuse to be governed!

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