The results are in: you can raise your energy by listening to a simple audio

I don’t quite know why it works so well, but it does. So let me try to decipher… and see why it works, what it does, how it creates such a dramatic difference in your energy level… OK?

As usual, my students, volunteering to be guinea pigs, tested it. And this morning I connected to them and measured their cell hydration… and the numbers are proof: the audio works directly on their cell water level, meaning the cells are willing to use more water because more water is coherent.

Coherence is like the difference between orderly and chaotic. Cells are not willing to use chaotic, incoherent water. Coherence, just like boiling point, is at a set level of energy: 653 on the vibrational scale. Being that natural waters found on the planet are between 150 and 250 vibration, it takes a lot of energy to make water coherent.

What is the connection between an audio, the cells, hydration, and energy?

Let me explain. Obviously I am not a scientist, so I will use laymen’s terms.

First, about the cells.

The cells are like little workshops. They are specialized, but all cells need nutrients and water.

Water is what makes the cell be able to use the nutrients, and generate energy. Without the cells generating enough energy to live, they die and you die.

Our bodies are about 60% water, and the water is in the form of blood, pee, lymph fluid, in your digestive tract, and cell-water.

Cells are picky. They are like you at a Smorgasbord… they pick what they like. They don’t like incoherent water. But if the coherent water is available, they thirstily gulp it up.

When they get more coherent water into the cells, the energy production (and taking out the waste products) can start to go in earnest.


A “normal” person’s cell hydration is 10% or under.

Which means: you can get only a fraction of the energy out of your cells than they are capable of producing.

Plants can make the incoherent water in the soil coherent. So when you eat food that has a high water content, you get coherent water into your body.

Animals cannot turn incoherent water into coherent… neither can humans. My hunch is that photosynthesis, using the sun’s energy to turn minerals and water into plants also make the water coherent in plants.

Dry food, grains beans, nuts, don’t have high water content. So they have, therefore, a drying out effect to the body.

Fresh plant eating animals have higher cell hydration than animals than carnivores. Even cooked vegetables retain their coherent cell water content.

Now, if you manage to make your intercellular water coherent, then the cell will instantly absorb as much of that water as it can… and hydrate itself.

Once it is hydrated, it can generate a lot more energy, and it can also “take out the trash”… i.e. it will detoxify itself.

When the cells generate more energy, you have more energy. It will first show up in your thinking. It will get clearer, and you’ll be emotionally freer,

SOURCE: click to continue reading The results are in: you can raise your energy by listening to a simple audio

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