Are you free to be yourself? If not, read this article…

You are hobbled. Hobbled by what others think you should do. Hobbled by wanting to be loved. Hobbled by the “right thing” to do, the “right way” to be…
This article is a little fragmented… I hope you get as much out of it as I intended for you to get. The “thing” it talks about is the main way your life is not enjoyable… so please, do yourself a favor and get in deep. Let me know where it doesn’t make sense…
We are in the middle of a workshop: Upsets…

And not surprisingly, I am dealing with upsets coming from yet another student. She feels hurt by my treatment of her. And I am pondering.

She is kinesthetic… acting brainy. ((There are four prime ways a person can learn and relate to the world: 1. visual 2. auditory 3. kinesthetic, 4. abstract

These ways are not exclusive, and everyone has a mix of it. But there is one or sometimes two dominant ways, and the difference is: what organ, what sense organ informs the person on how to act. What to do.

Kinesthetic feels first. And depending on your early decisions, your early hurts, you may make big mistakes in your interpretation. Because of the similarity of the feelings of hurt.

This is, by the way, our focus in the upset process we have embarked on in the feelings webinars.

The goal is to disengage, invalidate, neutralize the decisions we made from those early hurts, so our “instrument” can judge the world rightly after we do that, instead of repeating the same incident and the same emotion, endlessly.)) Acting very quickly on what she thinks I am saying. And reacting very harshly. As if my word were what her life depended on.

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