Feelings and emotions: what is the difference?

One of the big obstacles that is in your way to growth is not being able to tell things apart, things that are different, but the difference is either subtle, or it is below the water level. Or is confusing because the names from the Tree of Knowledge use the same word for both

One of these is going to be important, so I’d like to encourage you to put some energy and effort into telling these two apart: ((tell the difference between (someone and someone else) (or something and something else) to recognize the things that distinguish people or things))
Feelings and emotions.
Why is this important? and why you want to learn what I say and not what others teach… ((I was looking on the internet for pictures to make this post lively… and to my horror, I found that everyone says something different about this topic… So your best bet is to forget everything you have elver learned, everything you have everl read, and just follow this article… and call feelings what i call feelings (sensations) , and emotions what I call emotions. The resulting clarity will snatch you from the chaos of the confusing interpretations of moronic hirelings of the Dark side and put you, potentially, on the only place where you can be happy: the Tree of Life)) 

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