The ground of your being

When you live on the 14th-15th floors of your being, the ground of your being comes from there too.

Let’s first look what is the ground of your being, the floor on which everything is built that is compatible with that floor.

On the 13th floor the ruler is Life. Nature. The Universe. No interpretation. Life, nature, the universe gives you your actions, your attitudes, your interpretation of events.

Virtues live on the 13th floor, because virtues are a Yes to life. Anything gets evaluated by that question: is it a Yes to life or a no to life.

Is it part of the flow, or is it a blockage to the flow. Blockages need to go. Attitudes, needs, wants, habits, activities that are a no to life, that don’t fit the flow of life, Nature, the Universe, must go, because it is evil. Against life.

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