How the 14th floor opens you up for mind viruses

One of the numbers in your Starting Point Measurements, that people most really painful is your vocabulary number.

Why would someone’s vocabulary be so low if they are educated, well read, etc.?

The answer is: because of mind viruses.

The mind virus doesn’t want you to be clear. Astute. The mind virus wants you to be sheep: miserable, crowd the churches, the “spiritual healers'” offices. Vote for morons who use big words they themselves don’t understand.

The main tools the mind viruses use are confusion and imprecision.
In my work, recently, I am seeing that people cannot tell the difference between a feeling and an emotion. It’s the mind virus in action.
Result: the feelings are suppressed, the emotions are made louder.

Feelings are innate, and they are infallible. They are the cause that humanity survived until now. Feeling when to eat, what to eat, when to stop eating… for example, is part of that.

But if you look at yourself and your behavior, you don’t feel any of that: you eat with your mind.

And if you live in the United States, you can feel salty, sweet, and bitter: ugh.

I apologize to my United States readers… I live here, and I hate the food here. All of it. Pretty, fattening, and bad for you.

Life was never supposed to change so fast that you could not get your body to adjust… but today 100% of people living, for example, in the United States and Canada, are from other parts of the world, or if they are from here, they eat stuff that are from other parts of the world.
And eating stuff that your body doesn’t know what to do with, makes you stupid, dull, imprecise, and eat with your mind.
And there you have it: you are infected. Dead for life. Dead for feelings. Dead… but not your soul.

And your soul will give you a hard time. Your soul cannot be infected… The more you are infected that further you are separated from your soul-given Self… and the more miserable you feel.

Don’t kid yourself, those rich folks with the big houses and big jets and stuff are as miserable as you are.

Only what cannot be taken away from you is a happiness maker.

Money, pleasure, even health are not… and the only good is virtues. They are always good, and they cannot be taken away. This is what I have learned from Seneca. Was it worth reading 212 thousand words? My articles are between one and two thousand words. So we are talking about 150-200 articles… was it worth reading for that one thing:
knowing what is good, and that good will make me happy?
You see, it was so worth it, I would do it again if that is what it takes to get it.

You, on the other hand, whisper to yourself: “it’s not worth it” when we are talking about setting up your water energizer so your health can get better, so you are somewhat immune to viruses…
Not worth it? It can only be the virus that speak! No uninfected human would say that! Of course it is worth it!
But of course the virus doesn’t want to help you fight it…

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