The non-physical pain of being devalued…

There is a very interesting phenomenon and I just experienced it full blast.

This is how it goes: I write something. I think I know what i am saying. but hours later it hits me… wow.

So I wrote in my previous article, this morning, that all pain and suffering you experience is experiencing your own resistance… resistance coming from the 14th floor words: “This should not be…”
And most non-physical pain you experience comes from the devaluation of the “I”… or the perceived devaluation… and the feedback that is causing it is resisted.
So, consequently all non-physical pain comes from your resistance to feedback.

OK… I said more or less this… but how true and how general it is just hit me.

Here I am sitting by my computer, wondering when the mailman will arrive today. I have something outgoing…

SOURCE: click to continue reading The non-physical pain of being devalued…

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