Ignorance: what is under the cover?

Ignorance: ignorance is a two part notion: not knowing with a certain attitude. ((If we looked deeper, we would notice that ignorance and lack of humility always occur together. I may write a similar article on lack of humility… but for now please know: you can replace the word “ignorance” in this article with “lack of humility” and it will remain 100% true))
This article goes deep. It shows the sinister reason you insist on remaining ignorant.
A child who goes to first grade doesn’t know how to find another country on another continent on the map… and yet we don’t call him ignorant. He is in the process of learning that… maybe at fifth grade.

But if he doesn’t wash his hands after he uses the bathroom… we will call him ignorant.

Why? because ignorance is not knowing what you could be expected to know, given your age, your education level. Or not knowing what you are talking about and talking anyway.

SOURCE: click to continue reading Ignorance: what is under the cover?

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