The original sin… how you can stop paying, how can you stop suffering?

As I promised, the next step in creating your life that discouragement is only a rare guest in, instead of a tenant…

I am going to start with a somewhat gossipy story: my conversation with my mentor, Gyõzõ Margóczi, the brilliant engineer who wrote the books “Feelings” and “Words”.

I suggested that he thinks about developing a feedback device, that gives you valuable feedback on your feelings… because being in touch and understanding the dynamics of feelings is the hardest thing for a regular human.

And everyone is a regular human… 😦

His answer, pay attention, was that there must surely be a rich man, like Bill Gates, who would want to stand behind this project for the betterment and evolution of humanity.

And here, I am going to go politically incorrect… bear with me, it will be worth it.

I am a Jew, Margoczi is a Christian.

And in his approach and my approach at this point go in widely separate ways.

His approach: someone will want to do it…
My approach: if it is to be, it is up to me.

Now, why did I bring religion into this conversation?

Because religion is culture. It is the cultural approach to life.

Christians ask god to give.
Jews say, when they attempt something: With god’s help… meaning: I’ll do it with the support of the energy…

I know, it is said: help yourself and god will help you… but that is an afterthought. That is not how people live.

People live, moment to moment, that it is not up to them.

Jews, widely misunderstood, widely hated, take step after step, all the way to the end… hoping that god is with them. But they are doing all the heavy lifting, doing all the planning, all the talking… because the culture of Jews is: If it is to be, it is up to me.

Huge difference.

It is so, whether a Jew is religious or not. I am not, have never been.

Living in a Christian country, through osmosis, I learned that you can beg for help… the more you get it, the more you shift your cultural attitude from Judaism to Christianity: having your hands out.

And even though the mystical tradition of Judaism is called Kabbalah, which literally means Receiving, the teaching part of the Kabbalah teaches how to be in alignment with the energy, so you can have it on your side.

And whether the Universe is real, or whether it is a Hologram, whether there is a Creator or not… alignment with The Energy is the name of the game.

You stand still… you refuse to change, you refuse to generate, you are waiting: you are not in alignment.
You want only for yourself: you are not in alignment.
You mean harm for anyone: you are not in alignment.
You want what belongs to another: you are not in alignment.
You pretend, you lie, you manipulate, your force, you violate: you are not in alignment.
You have your hand out: you are not in alignment.

One of my Christian students took it on herself to say “If it is to be it is up to me” and went from nothing to having a

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