They say: have desire. I say: discomfort is a lot stronger impetus for growth

What can you do to finally start to amount to something, start to become worth a damn? Increase the IMPETUS for growth. ((Impetus:
A moving, motive power, motivating force
Synonym: encouragement, incentive, motivation
Antonym: hindrance, block))
About 14 months ago I did something that started a whole new growth period in my life.

I started to get up early.

Looking from the outside, and looking from the inside, there was more to it… and I’ll share it, because it is significant. It shows how decision-making, direction, guidance, are not a straight-forward matter: not at all. ((If you look closely, I got to the “right” path for me through a seeming misdirection, a step, had I seen it for what it was, I would have never taken: falling for a money scheme.

This wasn’t the first time I had Source guide me this way. It seems that “disassembling” or getting you out of complacency, comfort, is the first step for any growth to take place.

Just like in my story about the lightening that hit my kayak… there is no going up until you went all the way down, emotionally.

I see this on the people who ask me to guide them to become healthy. If they are just curious, or have a fleeting desire to get healthy, they will never rearrange their lives for health, or maybe a little bit.

The closer they are to be at their wits’ end, the more willing they are, the more able they are, and the healthier they become.

The more you are able to manage yourself to withstand discomfort, the higher you can go. In health, and in anything.))

OK, here is the story:

It was November 2015, and I was still licking my wounds from having lost paradise… i.e. Amazon decided that my energy products cannot be sold on Amazon.

SOURCE: click to continue reading They say: have desire. I say: discomfort is a lot stronger impetus for growth

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