How the left brain blocks all your attempts to evolve as a person…

I am reading a book ((Return to the brain of Eden by Tony Wright and Graham Gynn. Truth value: 7%. Careful, that means 93% b.s. If it is such low truth value: why am I reading it? Because, as you’ll see later in this article, I can tell truth from falsehood, because I read with my right brain, I can get from the book what I need, and none of the b.s. You can’t… yet.

I just started the book, but my hunch, at this early on is that what they say about food is what’s off… )) that says that humans used to be able to live from their right-brain, meaning they were a lot more intelligent.

The book says that people with damage to their left brain can become savants, exceptional in one or two abilities, or vegetables… lol, maybe not so funny.

Then the book doesn’t talk about me, who did have damage to my left brain hemisphere, and when the brain was knocked self-conscious, the two hemispheres connected and became one.

The good news: I only have some troubles with my left-brain capacities, adding numbers wrong, confusing left and right, and dyslexia: reading what isn’t there, or when it’s bad: not being able to read at all.

The bad news: Your left brain works well, and it suppresses your right brain, the abilities that are beyond words… like being, feeling, knowing, seeing, patterns… all the things I am trying to teach you. My hunch that everything gurus, religions etc. say about the heart, it is really the right brain… And what they call the subconscious is also the right brain. Suppressed, of course, showing itself only occasionally on for a brief second…
Your left brain gets the words, filters out everything it considers garbage, and you are left with what you already knew.
That is the bad news.

SOURCE: click to continue reading How the left brain blocks all your attempts to evolve as a person…

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