What is a vibrational review?

Vibrational review is a specific review: through muscle testing I can tell the vibration of a person, on the scale of consciousness, a product vibration, the truth value of a claim, etc.

That is the basis of a vibrational review.

My claim to “fame” is that I am a true empath, which means I can connect to anything and anyone at will… I connect to Source with the Tangerine Method, then to the “thing” or person. I know when I am connected because all my feelings then are not my own, but the feeling of the “thing” or person.

I also make assessment from the person’s internal state, by what they feel. And then I muscle test for their vibrational assessment, or the truth value.

It is simple for me.

In my experience, a “normal” empath doesn’t have the ability to connect at will. That is the difference.

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