Vibrational Review: Jesus Christ

religions of the world including ChristianityI get my ideas of whose vibration to measure from people who search for names on my site.

Lots of people search for “Jesus vibration”

How do I measure vibration?

Step 1: I connect to Source.
Step 2: I connect to the person or idea I want to measure.
Step 3: I say: more than 200 and muscle test…
Step 4: If it is more than 200, I say more than 210, more than 220, etc. and I muscle test until my fingers open signifying a no. If it is not more than 200, I go downward from 200, until my fingers open.


I have been asking to connect to Jesus… no result. The Christ: no result. Joshuah: no result.

When I ask if there was a person like that, the answer is no.

I hate to alienate the 2.18 billions of Christians, but Christianity was a manufactured religion.

christiansEven Osho ((20th Century spiritual teacher I love to read)) compromised: he would never have made it as big as he did, had he said there was no Jesus. In the beginning he was ranting on this Jesus, but later he mellowed, after all he was running a business. He elevated Jesus to enlightened stature… except that I think he knew well that he did not exist. No historical facts, no mention of him, nothing. Other than the brief documents supposedly written by the disciples.

Oh well, what a great story.

Just like Anastasia’s story is great. I wish it were true. Or Krishna’s story. Or pretty much anyone who claimed that there is god, and it’s them, or they know about them.

Do I wish there were a god? Sure. I would get direct line to them.

So then what is Source I am connected to? I don’t know. It is both inside and outside, it is both all of it outside, and the core of me, all of it inside.

I don’t even know if the intelligence that has been guiding me is Source or what… One of the must’s, if you want to become One, is to own nothing. Probably not literally, and maybe yes… I don’t know yet. But ever since I got clear that it’s my path to become One (not The One, mind you, just one… not divided) I have got to a point when I own nothing… literally. And at the same time I enjoy life more, be more, that I ever was when I owned things. Very weird.

CYSIu-300x232There is a huge movement going on that calls inner peace equivalent with connection. Not so. As an empath I can tell, that

1. Inner peace is highly overrated, and is craved by the disturbed you. And you want to get to inner peace without having to do any work.

2. Watching some of my students “demonstrating inner peace” I have found that they force themselves unconscious, unaware, they go into a sleep-like mode, and that is what masquerading as inner peace. Might as well go dead… that is the ultimate inner peace.

You are half way there… I mean half way to dead.

PS: I am re-reading Osho’s collection of talks on the “gospel of Thomas” that was supposedly discovered in a cave around the end of WW2.

The stuff is quite brilliant, obviously written not much before the world war… But Osho grooves on loving this Jesus, and hating the Jews… I think that’s why I stopped reading him for two years, I have no stomach for Jew haters.

Anyway, if you have a chance, read my republished articles of Osho… including the “gospel of Thomas” lectures. They are instructive.

2 Replies to “Vibrational Review: Jesus Christ”

  1. You are an original teacher! Believe in Bhagwan, not in Jesus. That’s bold. Gospel of Ayn Rand good. The other four gospels, just stories. The mind is being blown. I have long considered myself a secular Christian. Yes, a piece of shtick, I know. Is it worth doing the thought exercise that there was no Jesus, sure. Is it too much to want to distance myself from the whole Abrahamic tradition of sin and punishment and blood sacrifice. I like monotheism as much as Akhenaten. Really, I’m kind of a deist. I believe there is God, but I’m not sure we can know or contact him or her. Anyway, Mother Teresa suffered her whole life from a feeling of missing faith. Oh, Sophie, you are a trip.


  2. I’m currently enrolled in “The Bible as Literature” at my University and I just find the setting a bit hysterical now. It’s weird (but in a good observational way) to sort of view humanity in front of me operating under falsehood. Living in the southern part of the United States also adds to this observational joy as the stereotypical religious fervor of the South is just a tad correct on occasion.

    You’re a pleasure to read!


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