My experience with removing cords/attachments so far and some vibrational reviews

emotional-cord-releaseAfter sending out that email yesterday ((if you are not on my list, here is the email I sent yesterday. From that email I got many requests for checking, and most people had attachments and cords, so now I have a lot more experience to tell you what attachment removal does, etc. So here is the email:

All the healers I have ever written about have one thing in common: they do not connect to Source, and they do not know how to connect to you.

Of course, if you are lying on their table, their hands can do the job of connecting.

But if they “DO” what they do remotely, like Carol Tuttle, Mr. T, Christie Marie Sheldon, and a horde of lesser names, then they have only one way to do it: shoot an arrow in your direction and do what they do through a cord attached to that arrow.

When they are done “healing” or whatever they do, they leave the cord there… there is no way they know how to remove it, other than connecting to you: and that they cannot. They are not able to.

4 Replies to “My experience with removing cords/attachments so far and some vibrational reviews”

  1. Hello Sophie,

    Thank you so much for being honest, As you mentioned I had 14 cords attached to me. I feel so much better. Thanks, Steve


  2. Hi Sophie – It’s funny I found this post here today, but I have to tell you, this hurts my heart. We’ve never verbally interacted or interacted directly by any means and I’d hope that if we did, I’d have a chance to change your mind.

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