So you want to become a healer?

healing handsEnergy Healing, Energy Healers

People want to become healers. It is all ego, pride, a way to go around doing their own spiritual work.

Thousands upon thousands search to become Reiki “Masters”… they are not a master in anything, barely can tie their shoe laces, but they are Reiki Masters. Yeah, right.

It’s the best racket of our age:wave your arms, and get paid. No one can see energy, no one can measure energy, and only a very small percentage of people can feel energy. And when they don’t… it is their fault, isn’t it?

Get away with murder

It is a way to get away with murder, become one of the few who are operators, instead of the ones who were duped, defrauded, cheated, stolen from…

learn to become a healerYeah, but here is the thing: if you hung out a shield saying you are an energy healer, without doing a course, you would do just as well as if you “learned” from famed energy healers, like Mr. T, Carol Tuttle, or the myriads of reiki teachers, and such.



6 Replies to “So you want to become a healer?”

  1. I was hoping you’d provide your view on this subject. After just two nights of talking to you I knew that I needed to explore my own perspective of this modality and I had already come to the same conclusion that I had to do the work on myself before I could help anyone else. It seems much easier to fix other people’s problems, but you just become a hypocrite and damage your own ability to heal…I speak only of myself. Thank you for the article.


  2. This one hurt. At one time I had my own mistakes in wanting to be a healer. Now I am learning to discern the trap within wanting to be of service.


  3. About a year ago I dropped my interest to be a healer. When I look deep I can see the reason I wanted to be one in the first place and it’s because I saw everything wrong with myself and with people. From my experience wanting to help is a big pretense: it’s an escape from myself. What is interesting: when I dropped all the wanting and dropped pretending like I really cared for people to be healthy and well, people began to reach out to me instead of me reaching out to them. They are attracted to my work now, mostly I just do massages. I still catch myself spitting out ‘tree of knowledge’ junk… it’s a never ending work. Thank you Sophie for shining the light in my dark corners.


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