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carol-tuttle-chakras-balancedMindValley is coming out with a new course, by Carol Tuttle. I don’t know Carol Tuttle… but I want to make sure I know how to advise my readers, my students, my clients… should they spend their money and their time with this course.

Of course the course is about making more money. Of course that is the answer to all misery: if you had money you would be happier… bah humbug. You would be just as miserable, with bragging rights.

But apart from that, a core issue, you want to fix your outside, your circumstances, so you can be well on the inside… utterly backwards, I want to be able to see the methodology without having to buy the course myself.

A student of mine keeps on talking about chakras, and chakra balancing and chakra healing… so I did a search. I found a review about Carol Tuttle by someone who knows about chakras: I don’t… Enjoy.


Three minute chakra testing? Bullshit. Beware the hype

November 15, 2012 by

Out of curiosity, when cruising another yoga blog, I responded to a flashing ad:

“Three Minute Chakra Test – take the test to find out which of your chakras are weak”.

Bullshit, I thought. But then decided to have an open mind and explore. Like yoga, you know.

9 Replies to “Carol Tuttle — more reviews”

  1. Hi Sophie,

    I took the 3 minute Chakra test and here are the results:

    Chakra Test Results for Ronda

    YOUR Foot Chakra is CLOSED

    YOUR Root Chakra is CLOSED

    YOUR Sacral Chakra is WEAK

    YOUR Personal Power Chakra is CLOSED

    YOUR Heart Chakra is CLOSED

    YOUR Throat Chakra is CLOSED

    YOUR Intuitive Chakra is CLOSED

    YOUR Crown Chakra is CLOSED


  2. Hi Sophie,
    Took the test I have a mix of strong and weak Chakras I did this a few years ago and thought it was all rather Frothy, i.e. not saying much. I did do a couple of the meditations, and then just forgot about it but, Mindvalley did not forget about me.

    I was sent email after email of special offers buy before date and get lots of stuff that you must not miss type hype advertising that really turned me away from the whole Mindvalley package. Carol Tuttle feels more like entertainment, this was my experience.

    would be interesting to know the kind of results she produces using her methods.


    1. T, your comment made sense until the last sentence. Who is going to produce results using Carol Tuttle’s methods?

      PS: you know that every legitimate email has an unsubscribe link at the buttom… one click and you don’t have to receive the emails any more.


  3. Hi Sophie,

    I took the 3 minute Chakra test and here are the results:

    Chakra Test Results for John

    YOUR Foot Chakra is Closed

    YOUR Root Chakra is Strong

    YOUR Sacral Chakra is Strong

    YOUR Personal Power Chakra is Strong

    YOUR Heart Chakra is Strong

    YOUR Throat Chakra is Strong

    YOUR Intuitive Chakra is Strong

    YOUR Crown Chakra is Strong

    I strongly disagreed with all the answers having to do will feeling lost or disconnected or without purpose or being able to express emotions. The only questions I neither agreed nor disagreed with were the ones about manifesting.


  4. Chakra Test Results for Michael

    YOUR Foot Chakra is CLOSED
    YOUR Root Chakra is WEAK
    YOUR Sacral Chakra is WEAK
    YOUR Personal Power Chakra is WEAK
    YOUR Heart Chakra is WEAK
    YOUR Throat Chakra is STRONG
    YOUR Intuitive Chakra is WEAK
    YOUR Crown Chakra is CLOSED

    In reading the “analysis,” some of it seemed to apply, some not. It would appear from the above that I am pretty much dead but easily able to talk a bout it. I suspect that everybody who does the questionnaire will have serious deficiencies that can be fixed with her program. Mind Valley are great marketers.


  5. I also did the test and immediately knew the results were bullshit. But how do I stop the emails arriving daily. OMG these people are so bad and so full of shit. Don’t believe anything they say. They are about as balanced as Mt Everest! And definitely into just $$$$$$$$


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