Vibrational Review: BioResonance GOLD PRO Pendant – all statements are false

BioResonance-GOLD-PRO-PendantA reader sent me this product to reviews. She thinks it may be great for empaths…

Website: Geopathic Stress Solutions

I have muscle tested every single statement on this website and found them all false.

Product Description from the site: Price: $699 plus shipping

The BioResonance GOLD PRO pendant is the most advanced of our personal shields. On top of the protection from Geopathic stress, EMF stress, energies from people, as well as the grounding and balancing properties it is a transformational tool. Users report a clearly smooth and balancing effect in an emotional tense environment and do not want to let go once they’ve tried it.

2 Replies to “Vibrational Review: BioResonance GOLD PRO Pendant – all statements are false”

  1. Thank you Sophie for taking the time to test these statements. Are there any pendants and emf protection equipment for the home that you have previously tested and found to be as effective as claimed?


    1. Myrna, you need protection from yourself… this is what I have found with all the people that I have encountered. The outside threats are not nearly as harmful than what you are doing to yourself. Attend to that, or if you are unwilling, you need to follow someone who is willing to dupe you… it seems you prefer that, but I am going to give you the benefit of doubt.


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