Vibrational Reviews

Please remember that these are not value judgments, these are vibrational reviews measuring the alignment of a person, or a modality to the Original Design. Please…

Vibrational Review: Perelandra

Machaelle Wright: personal vibration: 270
Science/knowledge (overall) (how well it matches the Original Design): 200
products (overall): 200

Julie Renee Doering
People that have obviously fake, practiced smile; that have spent hours upon hours in front of the mirror the decide how much of their teeth should show, don’t have my vote of confidence. They obviously try to create a fake persona, because who they are needs to be hidden.

When you look at who the “guru’s” friends and clients are, you also see: fakes attract fakes, and that’s that. The more fake someone is, the more fake their clients are.

Julie Renee Doering is a celebrity healer… personal vibration: 100. Pulsing greed and anxiety between the stomach and the throat. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

She is called brain rejuvenation expert, so let’s see if she does that? Muscle test says: No.

My brain cleansing regimen does… it removes toxins that dull your brain, cause cognitive diseases, the aging of the brain, forgetfulness, fuzzy thinking, and depression… that reminds me, I haven’t done that in a while. And while I am at it, I should probably cleanse my eyes, they have been giving me trouble. The video has brain, vision center, eyes, ears, throat, sinuses cleansing… In about half an hour at a time. The results are immediate.

More on Julie Renee… she aspires to be Christie Marie Sheldon, but doesn’t have enough greed for that. She teaches the blockages, etc., and promises to remove them. You already know that it is not possible, no one can remove your blockages, and no one can even change your machine… you need to learn to watch the machine and do counter moves, compensate for the machine.

If you have done any of her programs, live or recorded, please get in touch with me. In the face of so many glowing reviews, I want to know what may have worked… after all occasionally there could be something I haven’t come across… yet.

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