Updated: Vibrational Reviews: Dr. Darren Weissman, David Sereda and others

panache desai with oprahUpdate: I got an email today to promote Panache Desai. He is touted as Contemporary thought leader, giving away his $297 audio program, “Accelerate Your Awakening.” His vibration is still 200, which is an accomplishment: most teachers’ vibration is dropping. Do I recommend him? No. But if you like him… it is ultimately your choice.

On this picture is Oprah smiling. Is Oprah a happy person? Is she a high vibration person? Let’s measure her vibration… shall we? Oprah’s vibration, today is 150… indication that she is not happy, she has no peace of mind… go figure. All the spiritual teachers she invites and buddy-buddies… It should tell you something.

Dr. Darren Weissman personal vibration: 170, (impatience, intolerance, anger, all feelings in the center, from the chest bone to the throat)

Dr. David Sereda personal vibration: 180 (measured while speaking on a video) 200 while just being.

Old Vibrational Readings copied from comments:

Jim Self – Mastering alchemy: personal vibration: 170 (riddled with horrible anxiety); teachings: 150. All learned, Tree of Knowledge stuff…
Panache Desai – Vibrational Catalyst; personal vibration: 200; teachings: 170

Tom Kenyon – Hathors: personal vibration: 210; teachings: 210
Sandra Radomski – Ask and Receive: personal vibration: 190; teachings: 190
Chris Thomas – Welshman who reads the Akashic Records: personal vibration: 170
David Icke; personal vibration: 210
Norman Shealy MD: personal vibration: 170
Alexander Wilon: personal vibration: 130 truth value: 210
Dr Michael Laitman (Kabbalist) personal vibration 170
Mashhur Anam vibration: 190 (re-measured on 9/12/13 and it dropped to 170, and on 10/30/14: 130)
Dawn E Clark vibration: 100
Dee Wallace vibration: 180
Simone Milasas vibration: 130
Rebecca Quave vibration: 130
Dr.Wayne W. Dyer (personal vibration: 190): The Shift (book + film) 200; Intention 200; Excuses Begone 190
Karl Dawson (personal vibration: 170)
Sasha Allenby (180): Matrix Reimprinting using EFT (210)

Click to read more vibrational reviews including the rest of this review

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