Updated: Case Study: Inelia Benz

Update June 2014: A reader asked if I am still afraid of Inelia Benz… so I made a mistake and I connected to her. Immediately I got three energetic attachments, also known as Dark Side attachments designed to kill.

An energetic attachment is much like heart worm: it goes deep and it blocks life force, and eventually makes you sick and kill you.

The male person also mentioned in the footnote, does the same thing… the attachments do the same, and attach at a similar place… I have had people listening to these “teachers” come to me for attachment removal. It is nasty to remove…

I had to connect to measure her vibration… it is 100. Low and nasty.

Original Article from 2011:
inelia benz review Inelia Benz www.inelia.com

All the people I have reviewed or critiqued, I have had no fear. Not so with Inelia Benz. I am afraid. ((Upon further consideration, I am also afraid of Sai Maa and Trivedi. What is in common?))

I’ve watched the long video interview, have read some of the articles she wrote, and I am not clear about her, but she scares me. She is from another world, and it feels to me, when I read it, that she doesn’t like what I do.

She says, that she is an entity sent to the Earth to raise the vibration of the planet. When I muscle test it, it is a borderline yes, or a borderline no.

Now, I dont know if there is such a thing as an entity. Other than created by the vivid imagination of humanity. Living on the 4th plane…

When I muscle test she doesn’t connect to Source. When I read her writings, she doesn’t teach or encourage people to connect to Source.

She seem to have come from the same place as all the entities people channel, all the good and bad stuff.

I haven’t accessed that plane, even though Vianna Stibal ((the inventor of Theta Healing)) says that if I go there from the 7th plane, it is safe. I am not attracted to it.

Inelia has a huge following. She teaches people to visualize, to meditate, and that is consistent with the 4th plane: everything that’s there is there by virtue of human visualization.

So why am I scared? Because entities have ego. They have an opinion. They have an agenda.

And I have been afraid, forever it seems, that one day I will be assassinated. Not that she looks or sounds evil, no, the opposite. It is just that where she came from is not friendly to me.

I am also suspicious: in my conversations with Source, the only missing on this planet is people connecting to The Source, and if and when someone doesn’t teach that, I am not sure what they are up to… even if they sound really really nice.

When I muscle test I get yes to the questions: ‘Inelia has a reason to dislike me.’ And ‘Inelia and I are on the same side’ no.

My natural tendency is to look for what is wrong with me, and I always find plenty. I am blunt, I am rough, I am too straight, I am not gentle, I am not politically correct, etc. etc. etc.

And though this is all correct, I know one thing for sure: I am on the side of Source and I am on the side of humanity. Empowered humanity. No lip service, plain empowered. According to the original design, according to the original agreement.

I am dreaming of a gentle, attractive, charismatic person finding me and playing a go-between between me and the public. I am willing to do the work and I am willing to hand over the credit for it to someone who is able and willing to persuade people to connect and be empowered.

Someone who doesn’t have their own agenda.


10 Replies to “Updated: Case Study: Inelia Benz”

  1. dear sophie,
    written in 2011? I’ curious,have you processed your fear of ‘her’? do you still have the same response to inelia in 2014?
    thank you for replying,


    1. I updated the post to address your question.
      Your question indicates that my fear is indicative of an issue I have… that is not the case: the woman is an active threat, and my fear was justified.

      Obviously you are attracted to her vibration. What does that say about you? That for your vibrational level (80) she is close and a good match.


  2. Thank you for your quick reply. So, with due respect, what is your vibrational level? True, I resonate with her understanding of this realm of time and space. I am a student of A Course in Miracles first. If I was a devotee of her, I would not have given what you wrote any consideration, but am willing to question whether if her purpose truly is to raise the vibration of the planet. 🙂


    1. your approach to life is religious (Catholic) and that is a very low vibration, because the intent of the religion is to reduce you to “effect.”

      My vibration is not your concern, you can safely assume it is higher than yours.

      Her purpose is NOT anything noble… By the way, the Course in Miracles may be an effective tool for you to shake off some of the crust: the Course vibrates on 190, much higher than your current vibration.


  3. You label me as religious? On what basis? My approach to life is not Catholic. true, I was raised in Catholicism. My approach to life is the practice of ACIM. Of course the ACIM is higher than my current vibration, that is why I am studying and practicing the lessons of forgiveness. Of course, your vibration is higher than mine. Years ago, my vibration was probably 20 (according to the table on your website). So, how can you help me raise my vibration and release the attachments? I do not deny attachments. I have suffered in ways that indicate there are attachments. I have visited the Trance Medium John of God in Brazil for 9 times previous to help me. What do you sense of his vibration? Thank you for the dialogue!


    1. you have attachments, and they are infectious. When I measured your vibration one of them jumped on me… Luckily it was not very deep.

      I cannot remove your attachments for you… I’ll see who to recommend. But unless you stop looking for people that are a match and will put more attachments on you, you’ll go back to even lower, or become a monster yourself, either way, I sense that you don’t want either.

      John of God is also a bad fellow… sorry to burst your bubble. He is not evil, only ineffective.

      I’ll see if I can negotiate with Source to remove your attachments, but it will cost you more than just money. You’ll have to commit to the straight and narrow.


  4. I can only guess/imagine what an ‘attachment’ is, because I don’t understand about them. However about six months ago, a friend sent me a link to her site. I went there and read a few articles. She felt wrong/frightening/dark to me, and I stopped after a short period of time. I felt no different after this. Is it possible that I could have attachments and not know it? Thank you.


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