The “Empath” Gravy Train

Can-Empathy-Be-Learned-One-To-Consider-For-Staff-TrainingFirst off: what is an empath, what is empathy?

Empathy is innate to humans… it gets killed, mostly, in childhood… but it is still there, dormant. Empathy, like caring, seems to be a threat to most humans, it seems that to care, or feel another’s pain robs you of your power to take care of yourself first. It is a DS suggestion, it’s not true. Even feeling caring or empathy, the choice of action is yours…

An empath is someone who can direct their attention and feel someone’s feeling, physical or emotional, accurately, at will. It is rare, and most empaths are unconscious, unaware that they are feeling someone else’s feelings. I don’t know any other conscious and highly evolved empaths, and muscle test says there isn’t any other alive at this point in time, it’s just me.

true empathSome people say that there is such a thing “true empath” but I don’t trust “some people”. I trust muscle testing while connected to Source. And with great power comes great responsibility: being a real empath is like being Spiderman…

Many “healers” pretend that they are empaths, but at best they are empathic, and at worst they are like wondering gypsies who base their entire livelihood on “feeling people out”, which is not empathy at all, it is the tool of an operator, a fraud, a scammer, like the people on this website: Energy Psychics

Tonight a woman, Carol Lee, sent me $5 to measure her vibration. I looked her up on the internet, because she sent me her company name only: I measure a person’s vibration.

Her vibration was 90, and her energy felt like a kick in the stomach. I sent this to him in an email

to which she answered: Not sure where you get your info but An interesting read.
Blessings on your journey

When people make sure to add, blessing, or love, or whatever b.s., you can be sure that they live a life of pretense.

I wasn’t sure what the question meant, so I said: “I am an empath… that is what an empath does.”

to which her comeback was:

I am an empath. I very we’ll know what they do and how they read. That was not my question or concern!
I only ask for your vibrational offering to see if I would refer your work my clients as another tool/ or medium to assist in raising and empowering others.
The answer is “no” not at this time because your vibration is 68 / not sure what is going on in your life but it is draining you. You are using you skills and web knowledge as a way to feed yourself not to embrace and empower others.


If you pay attention to what she says, her email said this to me:

  1. her vibration is higher than mine
  2. she said that she could help me, because she knows that I could be better… and if she could remove the drainage, I could get better.
  3. she invalidated me and my whole life by saying that the whole reason for my work is self-serving.

i-feel-your-pain-clintonMy muscle test says she is not an empath, not even a sensitive. But she put an attachment on me… which I needed to remove… It’s getting more and more dangerous to talk to people.

She sent me more emails… all with an energetic attachment, all on my head… now all removed.

Why are there so many people offering psychic services, and empath services, and readings?

Because you the people are not willing to take care of yourself. Because you believe in miracles.

But when I check you, you are fretting… fretting makes you sick.

empathy-2I think that all of humanity thinks… that it is part of the current paradigm, that if you fret then things get better. If you are angry or resist something then it won’t happen.

All of those emotions that you use to ward off bad stuff make you and your body weak, and no one, not even a legitimate healer with legitimate tools can help you.

A woman wrote to me this morning. Her vibration is 120.

So I have a low vibration.I also have a lot of illness.I need help.I need to heal and I have already had 2 healers and nothing happened.I read about the Bach flowers.Could they heal me.?Do you have time to email me and give me an idea of what I supposed to do in order to self heal.I can’t afford a lot of money but I can afford some. Thanks for reading this

I don’t know what ails her, because her fear is so strong, I can barely feel anything other than the effects of that fear in her.

The Heaven on Earth Remedy can work on that mistaken belief that anger, resistance, impatience, etc. is good for you… and mellow you out, so you can allow your body to start working, instead of being suppressed by your emotions and get even sicker.

3 Replies to “The “Empath” Gravy Train”

  1. The phrase “feeling people out” caught my attention, because I have wondered about my connection to my daughter. I have nearly always been able to feel what she is feeling internally, which has been useful during illness, and I can get accurate feedback from her about whether I’m correct.

    I have felt/experienced that I can often do this with animals, but obviously there is no direct feedback :).

    Sometimes what people are feeling is very obvious (and verifiable with questions), and sometimes I just feel a vast blank space, which I find odd.

    I can get very affected by what other people are feeling, since childhood. My family has always called me ‘sensitive,’ and the categorisation has made it easy to file it away, unquestioned.

    My questions are, how do I know whether I am just “feeling people out,” or whether I am connecting to their feelings? And, is it important that I know at this time?

    Thank you Sophie.


    1. you are what they call “a sensitive”

      Does this mean you can feel and identify accurately what the other person feels? No. Most sensitives, and most people cannot even identify their own feelings accurately.

      I don’t think it is very important to feel what other people feel, unless you choose that as your vocation.

      Empathy, what doctors way is empathy, is not through feeling their feelings, it is knowing what they feel: the brain knows through brain waves, without having to feel it first and then identify it.

      That is useful in the world. Being a sensitive is quite a curse, if you ask me. No upside.


  2. Thank you Sophie.

    Although your article connected deeply with something inside me, I am learning so much at the moment that I don’t want to take on new things (ie, learning more about managing sensitivity) that aren’t necessary right now … from experience I know that overloading would most likely lead to learning nothing.

    The world will look very different when I can accurately identify my feelings and perhaps I will manage what I describe above in a new way.


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