What is a spiritual path? Can a phony teacher take you where you want to go?

dont-be-upset-by-the-results-you-didnt-getWhen people ask for their vibrational measure, often they ask me to suggest a path they could follow to raise their vibration. Most of the time this is simple, they need to take one of the liquid remedies to feel better first. But today I got a request like that, and this person was different from the usual requests. When I connected to her, I connected to empty… hm. I decided to use writing to get clear, and to work through it for myself, I wrote this article.

My path… a look back

I was just like you until a few years ago. I made decisions on what to buy, what to use, what to believe on an emotional basis.

If something sounded good, I wanted it.
If I was suffering from something: frustration, difficulties, pain, or lack of sleep, I was more likely to fall for a solution that sounded a good fit for my suffering.

And, of course, most things didn’t work.

I had a difficult time to trust anything or anyone, but I didn’t trust myself either, so I didn’t actually trust the inner voice that said: wrong way.

I had to get to a point where I could trust myself, or continue to pile up junk in my already crowded life, junk that I wanted, but it didn’t do what it promised to do.

Then, by accident, I connected to Source. I didn’t know what Source was, I didn’t know what it was about, because the sound was muted on a video I caught a glimpse of, but I did what the person on the video, I felt, was doing, and I found myself connected to something. No, I founded myself transported to a place of home, where I am known, loved, appreciated, where I could do no wrong. Very different from “real life”.

After a while, with practice I could get into that place in about 5-6 seconds.

Then, in that place, I could ask questions and get answers. I could use any of the bodily guidance systems, muscle testing, gut reaction, and even direct knowing, to decide a question that was on my mind.

I could measure people’s vibration, I could decide if a product would work or not, if I should get it or not.

The tricky part was to ask the right question. The second tricky part was to get guidance for the questions themselves.

I started to trust myself. I started to become confident.

I revisited the teachings I accepted before, and I looked now, with fresh eyes why they didn’t work. To my surprise, I found out that they didn’t work because they don’t work, because they were based on untruths.

I measured the vibration of a beautiful woman from California yesterday.

She also requested guidance from me, with regarding to her path. She didn’t say exactly what she meant by a path, but I assume that if she came to me, she wants to be pointed to practices to become all she can be, to raise her vibration, so she can be happy.

I looked up the teachers she has been “working” with, and here is their vibrational review:


ivonne delaflor alexandertoby-alexander

Vibrational Review: Ivonne Delaflor and Toby Alexander

Ivonne Delaflor and Toby Alexander
Ivonne personal vibration: 110. main, dominant emotion: grief
Toby personal vibration: 90. Dominant emotion: pushing, forcing, lives in his mind. When he speaks his innards know that he is lying, so his stomach hurts, churns.

Because of their low level vibration, they are not even aware that what they are teaching doesn’t work at all, because its truth value is 100.

They attract mostly the same low vibration people like themselves.

So, what do I suggest to a person who is attracted to these two phony people? You like in others what YOU are, so she is probably a phony person… how do you break it to a phony person, that phony is the reason they are not happy?

What is happiness?

Happiness is a function of accepting things, yourself, your feelings, other people, what is happening, the way they are. The moment you accept those, there is no room, no need for phoniness: phoniness is a necessity when you don’t accept something, but want to look happy, or rich, or whatever…

We had our first session in the Happiness Coaching program yesterday, and to my surprise it became clear that without teaching people to live out of a designed context none of the acceptance will be sufficient for a happy life… so I started to work, one-on-one with people to set a context for their lives in which everything CAN be accepted, in which you won’t have to pretend, resist, and be ultimately miserable… instead experience life fully, love yourself and love your life, while things go the way they go.

What is the context of the life of a phony teacher? Interesting question, isn’t it?

Context is more important than content

Context is decisive, which means that if the context is phone, everything inside it will be phony…

A phony teacher is someone who is miserable and hides it by teaching others to be happy… or a version of that. Much to hide.

A phone teacher…

A phony teacher is someone who is doing their “work” for money, but pretend to do it for love… much to hide.

A phony teacher is someone who can’t do it, who doesn’t want to do it, because they don’t think they can, because they think it’s a waste of time because it doesn’t work. A phony teacher is someone who speaks of one thing but does another… and interestingly neither of those things work… because integrity is compromised.

Without integrity nothing works, and being phony means: no integrity. Living a lie, teaching a lie.

I am also attracted to the miraculous results these phonies promise, but I don’t fall for it any more.

But I can now tell the truth about the teacher and about the method by muscle testing while I am connected to Source.

I used to teach connecting to Source, and I used to teach muscle testing

While people were on the call with me, they connected to Source, but when it came to muscle testing, they didn’t trust themselves, they didn’t have confidence.

I believe that when you pretend ANYTHING in your life, you won’t trust yourself.

So the most important work anyone can do to improve your life, to become confident so you can trust yourself, is to remove the pretenses, especially the ones where you pretend to yourself.

Telling the truth is harsh and it hurts, but it puts you to a place where you can grow from.

In the Happiness coaching program, I help you do that… in the context of restoring happiness, your birthright.

It will take you to a place from where you can start trusting yourself, because you won’t be full of crap…

We could call my work: crap removal… very glamorous, isn’t it?

I love my life, and I love my students that have the courage to do the work. And I even have the patience to be with those that aren’t ready yet. I see what they could be, what they could have, and I like what I see. I like myself being able to see it. It takes a person who has made all the mistakes in the world, who has been to hell and back to be able to see who you could be.

I love myself. And I even like myself.

Would you want to live in my shoes?

4 Replies to “What is a spiritual path? Can a phony teacher take you where you want to go?”

  1. Thanks again. Very interesting-especially about Toby and Ivonne. I do love the Geometric DNA codes-beautiful and energetically alive.
    I connected to Source and feel closer to a 190 vibration. Probably depends on the day!
    My intentions and efforts are connecting more and more to my authenticity. We are all on the path. So no judgements right?? Just observation…


  2. I feel that I connected to source once many years ago… accidently. I so did not want to come out of that being of love and total acceptance. I cried for at least a week afterwards… and there was a sadness in it too for all the phony-iness of our world.
    fast forward to now and I do feel like a fraud and phony but reading your blog for the last few years has allowed me to be in much more allowance of people, places & things,,, I am especially more capable of allowing to have their feelings and their hurt without trying to tell them to ‘shush’ and it’s not so,,, trying to take away what they are feeling, in other words a ‘crap removalist’ but I was trying to do that while being full of crap myself… a big strain! I am learning little by little and very grateful for your blogs. Thank you.


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