Vibrational Reviews: Lisa Nichols’ Creative Visualization, Christie, Teal, Mr. T…more

lisa-nichols review

  • Lisa Nichols and creative visualizationI like Lisa Nichols. Maybe the only self-improvement person I actually like. Why do I like her? Because she feels real to me. Does that mean that what she teaches work? Does that mean that she has high vibration? No and no.

    Her personal vibration was 200 a week ago, and is 170 today. What happened? She expected her launch with MindValley to go better… I am guessing, I have no connection to Lisa Nichols.

    What does a dip in vibration like this mean? It means that Lisa Nichols, at least as far as her business goes, lives fully in the horizontal, and poor success in a product launch is now effecting her. Should it? No… if is is great, then she is great whether anyone knows it.

    The other problem is that her entire teaching promotes the mind… that is where visualization comes from, and it doesn’t activate the great in you, the Creator in you, the Witness in you, it just stirs the pot… the chamber pot.

    But, if you find visualization exercises refreshing, soothing, lovely, watch her webinar replay

  • Why are Christie Marie Sheldon and Teal Scott so successful… judging from the amount of people search for them on the Internet…Both of those women claim to deal with energies, and energies are a “magical means” for most people, and bs for scientists, government, etc.

    Energies are real, but just saying energies is like saying atoms or molecules. The words don’t clarify what kind of energies.

    Emotions are energies as well… but the word “emotions” doesn’t define the content.

    Whether energies work or not is not the issue: but what is an energy supposed to do?

    If I tell you that I am going to move a can of soda from one end of a table to the other, you’ll know if I did it or not. But if someone… an “operator” tells you that he/she is using energies to remove blockages… are you going to know if it worked or not? Maybe you didn’t have blockages? Maybe blockages have nothing to do with what’s going on!

    It won’t matter how much hocus pocus, giggling, or mad raving accompanies the energy transmission, if the energy is useless for what ails you, you paid for the thrill, not for results. Just like when you try to eat soup with a fork…

    Only true empaths can actually KNOW because they feel it, what is the true cause of a blockage, a certain behavior, or even a feeling.

    Anyone can wield energies, but they are just like wind coming out on the other end… Loud farts. And make as much difference as well.

  • Another “stab” at Mr. T’s energies and energy transmissions: Mr. T. definitely wields a strong energy. It’s not from Source, but it is strong. It has helped me raise my vibration from 700 to 900.For most everyone else, it’s a fraud. Why? Because Mr. T. is a fraud, or works through fraudulent practices, fraudulent claims.

    His claim to fame is that he wants to eliminate disease, and wants to eliminate hunger by treating your animals and crops… but that claim is fraudulent. You cannot do that, that is not how life works. So he had to set up fraudulent scientists, experiments, tests, and he sold his soul.

    He is one of those rare “gurus” that have something but greed got the best of him. I am glad I had the opportunity and the “intelligence” to get the energy from him, not the hype.

    By the way, his personal vibration is 150… he is mad that his scheme didn’t work.

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