Talk Back to me: on connection, on meditation. on other gurus

Summary: When you write me an email, you can expect that it is going to be published or ignored. Why? Because I am not your private coach and I don’t have to answer your questions… If I feel like it, I answer them publicly: that way your question and my answer contributes to others as well.

Hi Sophie,

Thank you for considering doing a meditation session for those of us outside of the EST time zone. ((Considering Saturday early evening…))

I woke up at 2 am for some reason this morning and decided it was a good time to try the meditations.

I pulled in many techniques I had learned from various teachers most notably Dr Alex Loyd (personal vibration: 200… big drop from last time I checked) from The Healing Codes. He had taught that in order to increase the effectiveness of his work, you had to roll the eyes up and back (something you reiterated in your blog recently), you had to place your hands on the top of your head in a certain way and you had to deep breath through the chest in a certain way. ((This is new to me, and cannot be an accident. I have touted that without connecting to Source the Healing Codes isn’t doing anything. So, I guess, Dr. Alex heard about that, and tries to incorporate it… hm. Very interesting, how one (me) influences culture))

All of these things related to what you were teaching your students for the meditations. When I first did the Effortless Abundance meditations with the audios, I didn’t feel anything but when I did it with these movements and played the effortless abundance audio in addition to your meditation instructions, I began to feel an energy vibration beginning at the sitz bones and moving up through my torso and down to my feet. It didn’t go up to my head so I don’t know that I was “connected” but it was certainly more energy running through me than any other time I have done such meditations.

Wonderful. I actually don’t teach you to connect to Source in these meditations. If you can, you will. If you can’t you won’t. The energies in the meditation work on you either way… these are not hokey energies like The Healing Codes’ energies…

The energies that go up and down are the energies of the second and the third phase activators, bundled. The most similar experience to Kundalini rising you’ll probably every experience.

I have taken other classes from teachers (Gurus) who have tried to help the masses connect to source energy. One that comes to mind for me is Ilchi Lee of Dahn Yoga. His mission is similar to yours in that he wants to improve lives by teaching the masses yoga (through Dahn Yoga studios in America’s strip malls) and to connect to what he calls “LIfe Particles” source energy, a light beam which you learn to stream down into your crown chakra. Life Particles connect one to the Cosmos and lead to emotional and physical healing among other things. I am wondering now what is Mr Lee’s vibration and whether or not he connects to source?

Ilchi Lee’s vibration is 200. He does not connect to Source. His own yoga didn’t do much for him.

Anyway, I had been practicing these techniques for a while and had never felt any energy enter my crown. I am thinking now that perhaps it was because my vibration was not high enough and I had too many areas of energy blockage. I’m hoping that by using the remedies and the audios this will change. Thanks for your teachings. I have been doing the work and it has brought me to the opportunity that you present to us all today. I am so ready to take the next step in my evolution. LOL!

Your vibration is 190. There is no set level to connect to Source. Vibration is a very complex number…

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