Vibrational Connection To Money or the Bottomless Pit that Greed is, taught by Christie Marie Sheldon

Summary: Every teacher will entrain you to their own vibrational frequency. Be careful who you pick: a teacher riddled with anger and greed will make you become a bottomless pit…

how to catch a monkeyIt’s the last day of the launch of the Unlimited Abundance program, Christie Marie Sheldon and MindValley’s flagship product.

They broke a million dollars in sales in the past two weeks with just this product.

Why is it so attractive? Because it resonates with the current vibrational level of most people, the greedy bottomless pit vibration.

I didn’t promote this product, obviously, yet a few people bought it through the link I have on my site. ((I don’t mind making some money from my articles, without actually having to lie and pretend… I am perfectly in integrity with myself.)) I am amazed that they felt compelled to buy in spite of all my negative reviews. But you are attracted to what you are…

The vibration that most resonates with greed is 130 on the consciousness scale. And it is still higher than the vibration of wanting, which is 110.

One of the elements of vibration is how much energy there is. Anger, which is 150, has more energy than greed, and a lot more energy than wanting. Christie Marie Sheldon is on this vibrational level, personal vibration: 150, right now. She is seething angry: there is no amount of money that can fill that black hole that she is.

I am being attacked again, with attachments, and with arrows of energy.

The Original Design prohibits wanting anything that belongs to another. Someone (Christie?) wanting to kill me, destroy me, is based on the mistaken idea, that anyone can really have what belongs to me, or that I could take from her what belongs to her.

Let’s look at that, because I don’t believe you are clear about this distinction.

First off: you cannot have anything that you are not willing to let go of… i.e. if you are not willing to let go of it, then it has you, you don’t have it.

The way the monkey mistakenly believes that it has the banana, ((The way to catch monkeys, is to set up clear plastic boxes with bananas in them in the forest. The boxes have holes on the side that you can get your hand through, but the holes are not big enough, to get your hand through if you are holding a banana in it. The monkey won’t let go of the banana, so they can just be caught easily.)) the same way you think that the stuff you have, love, relationship, money, job, fame, income level, profession, friendship, food, etc. is yours… but in fact the opposite is true.

bottomless-pitSecond: let’s look at greed: greed is a very interesting dynamic: you scramble, you hunger, you fight, you lust for something, but instead of enjoying it when you get it, you are not able to… greed is the energy of a black hole: you can’t have, can’t enjoy, can’t use what you got at the vibrational level of greed. Greed has you, and it is a mighty jail-keeper.

Letting go

Letting go is the only remedy, but it is not a single energy, it is a synergistic effect of 168 energies, I find, that are all included in the Effortless Abundance Activator, audio or bottled… the audio and the bottled remedy have the same energies, with the only difference, that if you are on the vibrational level of greed, only the bottled remedy will effect you. You have not enough energy to take up the subtle energies of the audio.

People search on the internet, go to this teacher and that, to get to the vibrational frequency of money… no such thing. Money itself has no vibrational frequency.

The vibrational frequency of having money

Where you want to get to, if you want to have money available to you so you can live without having that concern occupy every waking moment of your life, is the vibrational level of allowing… at least some of the time. In reality, everything can be measured on a 1-100 scale, including to what degree you allow.

And although I do have a standalone activator of allowing, I found that it didn’t even work for me… I needed a lot of release, especially fear (I was surprised too!) to get to the space of allowing, most of the time.

The resistance I had and didn’t quite experience (it was invisible for me like the air for the bird or the water for the fish!) came from fear. I am realizing it now, because now, the moment I am attempting something really complex, the fear and the procrastination (resistance) is there again, except it is much weaker now, so much weaker that I can break it through with breaking the complex down to bite size manageable pieces.

black_holeSo what can a person, like Christie Marie Sheldon teach you? Like attracts like, misery loves company, her entire program promotes and fans your greed, your bottomless pit inclination.

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