Vibrational Reviews: Rhiannon Paille, Denise Linn, Slade Roberson, Lillian Too

Vibrational Reviews: Rhiannon Paille, Denise Linn, Slade Roberson, Lillian Too

Dear Sophie,

Since I found your website last week and read your posts, the information you shared rings true to my heart. In fact, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that your information totally changes what I had been believing in pursuing my spiritual development and fulfilling my life purpose. You also totally changed the way I consider almost all of the spiritual gurus and books in the market today. I feel grateful to have found you and I want to learn the truth.

I am now discarding almost all my spiritual books and beliefs.

In one way, it is scary to me because I suddenly changed my philosophy of life. However, I need to do it because it is the right thing to do.

There are three spiritual teachers who especially touched my heart, and they have been my source of truth so far. You mentioned there are a few people on earth who vibrates above 500, and I secretly hope that at least one of them are in your list of the above 500’s. Would you be kind enough to let me know their vibration? Their names are listed below:

1. Rhiannon Paille
2. Denise Linn
3. Slade Roberson

Their websites and work will show up easily in a Google Search. Please let me know if there is any question. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincere regards,
name withheld for privacy

PS: Sorry, besides the three gurus I mentioned in my previous email, I forgot to mention another guru whom I’ve been spending a lot of time studying. Her name is Lillian Too, and she is a famous Feng Shui Master based in Malaysia. Could you please check her vibration also? Kindly please also check whether they connect to the Source?

Thank you very much for your help.

Dear student,

The general inner state of “gurus” nowadays is a horrible anguish and greed… greed for being able to stay on top, to maintain the position they have in the world.

None of them connect to All-of-it which I call Source…

Here are the detailed reviews. Enjoy… or be horrified like I was.

rhiannon pailleRhiannon Paille ((Rhiannon Paille’s about me on her site: I’m not like the normal folks.

I’m a natural born psychic that grew up in a non psychic environment.

I’m a remote channeler, meaning I channel living people.

I don’t use spirit guides.

I am my own conduit of psychic energy.

I’m a big fan of getting information directly from the source, whether that’s another person, a corporation or the universe.

I offer spiritual coaching that works.

I offer spiritual healing for emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.

I can do dream interpretation, astrology charts and past life readings on request.

I fight demons and other metaphysical parasites. (no seriously . . . I do.)

I consider myself a metaphysical therapist or a doctor of metaphysics.

I’ve studied my craft extensively both traditionally and non traditionally.

I have spirit guides, but hell, they don’t help me with my clients, they’re there to train and guide me.))Personal vibration: 200. She can connect to people, but she doesn’t connect to Source…

Denise Linn soul coachingDenise Linn Soul Coaching

Personal vibration: 130. (normal, when things go well, her vibration is 180). Gnawing anxiety in the stomach region creeping for the throat… we know that one, we call it greed… insistence, my way or the highway… etc.. Dependent on circumstances.

slade roberson clairaudientSlade Roberson clairaudient, “83% fewer hearts and flowers than the leading New Age blather”

Personal vibration: 120 (his vibration when he is not particularly worried: 170)

Lillian Too Feng ShuiLillian Too

Personal vibration: 100… that is her normal vibration.

Click to read more vibrational reviews including the rest of this review

4 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews: Rhiannon Paille, Denise Linn, Slade Roberson, Lillian Too”

  1. Dear Sophie,
    Thank you for doing the vibrational reviews of the gurus I requested. Knowing now that their vibrations are low, should I continue studying with them or their materials? To be honest, they are already some of the good teachers I have found to have integrity and really help me go through with my problems in life. Please pardon my posting this comment as Anonymous, because I have considered these teachers my friends, and I was actually quite surprised when my email correspondence to you was posted in your blog. My fear is about the teachers finding out about my email request and seeing it as betrayal to our friendship. However, if showing it in public is helpful to people, then I am willing to risk it. All in all, my feelings are mixed and any advice from you or anyone would be appreciated. Thank you.


    1. Dear Anonymous,
      1. you didn’t betray their friendship
      2. there is nothing wrong with the people I measured. They are tortured souls. Finding the truth is hard work, lots of giving up, and not popular. You cannot blame someone for doing what sells, doing what’s popular, doing what their belief system allows for. So please don’t think that there is any problem with your gurus. They are not bad people. And they may even help you in certain things.

      I know a woman coach whose vibration is under 200 but who helped me twice see what was robbing me of peace of mind. She helped me.
      I have teachers that are unhappy but know their trade.

      Do not be an elitist.

      If you read the next article, why gurus aren’t happy you’ll have compassion instead of dismay or contempt… it is not easy to be human, and it is impossible to be perfect.

      You can study with whoever if you don’t consider what they say the truth… Last night I had a call where it was a tug of war, the participant flared up every time I said something that sounded like a “rule” or a “law” like “how you do anything is how you do everything”.

      But if you stopped hearing things like a law, and start hearing them as a different way of looking at things, you get the result, and you get it in spades.

      When you listen to a “truth” you stop thinking. When you listen to a guidance, you start thinking… and by thinking I don’t mean remembering, or having thoughts. I mean the thinking that is only available to human beings.

      Much love to you. I just wish that gurus could read their own reviews and take it as guidance, something to consider.


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