Random thoughts on success, Success gurus and their vibrations

what's my problem with teleseminars?One of my students is a teleseminar junkie, or at least used to be.

Teleseminars can be entertaining, but they can be the exact cause of your lack of action, lack of movement, and your low vibration. How?

For one thing: success and raising your vibration are not about the things that you know, but about the things that you do. Teleseminars talk to your storage device, your mind, and actually cause damage by not allowing you to spend time outside of the mind, not allowing you time to even digest what you hear, because it comes at you like the truth… rehearsed and fake.

You know that the mind has something to do with the brain, but you think your brain is used up by the mind… No. The brain, in addition to running the show of your physical body, in addition to storing knowledge, it is a computing device. A device that can use tools of thinking to produce results, decide if something is true or not, compose music, poetry, or design machines, or new technology.

The computing device isn’t the same as the mind, just like buying a computer hard drive won’t give you a computer. The computing device is the processor and the operating system. Some computers have really big hard drive, but really puny processors, and an outdated operating system.

Using critical thinking, and tools of thinking is not the same as remembering, or comparing stuff you already know or heard. Just because it is stored, it isn’t necessarily true, and just because you like it, it isn’t true either.

Listening to teleseminars silences your critical faculties, and reduce you to a recording device of mostly b.s.

Treating your mind and what’s stored in it as intelligence, knowledge, or anything useful is foolish and very low vibration. You may even feel smart, but smart means “able to use the tools of the mind successfully” not having a full hard drive.

Teleseminars are marketing events, and the speakers can’t even afford to be authentic, because they know in their soul that what they are teaching is either not true, doesn’t work, or is half truth… and they come to these calls to sell that to you.

Now, this student of mine cares about me, and she wants me to join the teleseminar circuit: be one of these people to sell my products… So to see what would be the company, and the “guilt by association”, I decided to check out one of these events.

I got an email promoting a teleseminar or webinar series. Organized by the Healing Codes people, I got curious how the vibration and the teachings measure on the consciousness scale. Here are my measurements:

ALL-STAR Success Journey team of experts. Organized by The Healing Codes company

Dr. Alex Loyd: personal vibration: 200. His teaching on success: 210
Ken Evans personal vibration: 170. His teaching on success: 100
Ellen Kratka personal vibration: 200. Her teaching on success: 100
Doug Parks personal vibration: 170. His teaching on success: 120
Melissa Zoske personal vibration: 130. Her teaching on success: 130
Susan Glynn personal vibration: 170. Her teaching on success: 150
Janet Attwood personal vibration: 120. Her teaching on success: 100
Wendy Lipton-Dibner personal vibration: 100. Her teaching on success: 70
Doris Priest personal vibration: 150. Her teaching on success: 150
Thea Benny personal vibration: 150. Her teaching on success: 120
Michael Norwood personal vibration: 100. His teaching on success: 100
Elaine Williams personal vibration: 85. Her teaching on success: 70
JoHanna Chan personal vibration: 190. Her teaching on success: 180

Thank you but no thank you.

If you have suggestions that don’t lower my vibration, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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2 Replies to “Random thoughts on success, Success gurus and their vibrations”

  1. Touché! 🙂

    Not such great group to be part of, I see. You WOULD reach a lot of people and sell a lot of your products. But a lowered vibration is definitely too high a cost.


    1. Not just that. The expectation of a “normal” teleseminar goer is to find a magic bullet, something that will work miraculously and instantly, without work. They have a habit or not using anything they buy, because the next one pushes it out of existence, even from memory.

      This is not the customer or client I need to fill my life, now do I? So the further I keep myself from the teleseminar circuit the more chance I have to get people who FIND me because they NEED me. When people know they need me, they also know that there is a chance that they have to work for what they one…


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