The Healing Codes: why does it work? Why does it not work?

How you do anything is how you do everything… if you don’t change your how… nothing will EVER change.

This article is about the Healing Codes specifically, but it contains information about how anything works, so even if you are not interested in the Healing Codes, it is worth your time to read it: it will increase your understanding of how getting well works, and what could you be doing, consistently, that prevent you from getting well, raising your vibration.

I get a lot of people that come and become followers of this blog, maybe even students, but never actually achieve what they came for: a disappearance or easing of their symptoms. This article really explains what is the invisible mindset that they bring to healing that actually prevents healing, whether it is emotional or physical… actually there is no difference there, they always go hand in hand.

The Healing Codes: why does it work? Why does not it work?

  • We want to change habits because we see that the ones we have don’t serve us.
  • We want to change thoughts because the ones we have torture us.
  • We need to change attitudes because the ones we have were given to us by those that want us to be a slave.

So far so good. But how?

  • Some practitioners use incantations… those don’t work.
  • Some teachers give us affirmations: ditto… the mind says “no” and that’s that.
  • Some teachers are smarter, and they give us something to look at while they keep us busy manually.

Dr. Alex Loyd is this last type of teacher: The Healing Codes makes you look at your thoughts, habits, attitudes that don’t work, while they make you do voodoo with your hands.

I first started to suspect that this is the case when I was at a weekend seminar with Dr. Alex Loyd and he gave us custom codes, pulled straight out of this … belly.

So, what’s right with The Healing Codes? It might work if

  1. if you have a vibration already high enough to take an honest look at your life
  2. if you are willing to do that for 20-30 minutes at a clip
  3. if you keep your attention at that instead of trying to fix some health issue

Just taking an honest and long look at how your habits, thoughts and attitudes are warped and keep you in a victim mode is as effective as all that, but how many people do you know who are willing to do that daily, for about half an hour at a time? I don’t know any, so forcing them to do some kind of “energy” voodoo is a good solution.

What’s wrong with The Healing Codes? It won’t work if

  1. if your vibration is below 200. Sorry to break it to you, but 200 is the dividing line between those that can benefit from programs and those that can’t. Why? Because the ability to take responsibility for your own actions and the results you produce lies there. And also the minimum level of integrity… do as you said…
  2. if you are waiting for something or someone to do the work for you, god, Jesus, energy, guru… nothing is going to work for you. your vibration is almost certainly under 200… so two strikes against you.
  3. if you are doing the Healing Codes to fix something that is wrong, like a health issue, then your focus is on fixing, and the vibration of fixing is under 200.

So, if you believe in The Healing Codes, if you have already shelled out mucho dollars for The Healing Codes, what do I recommend that you do?

I recommend that you raise your vibration to 200 with my Foundational Program, and then do The Healing Codes again. It will increase your chances to produce results by 400-500%

Why did I write about The Healing Codes again? Because it seems that still an awful lot of people come to my site looking for my reviews on The Healing Codes… that’s why.

4 Replies to “The Healing Codes: why does it work? Why does it not work?”

  1. Sophie, one of my clients have been talking about Dr. Alex Loyds new book “Beyond Willpower by Alexander Loyd, Ph.D.” Could you please check this book’s vibration? Thank you.


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