Human Design… a different view, distinction, looking glass, focus…

human design system on nefertity portraitHuman Design… a different view, distinction, looking glass, focus…

Human Design Institute: 190
Ra personal vibration: 300
accuracy of interpretation of charts: 200
charts: not useful
truth value: 200
useful: yes
idea of false self: useful (eliminates ego concerns)
eating recommendations: useful
type identification: not useful
action/initiation mode: not correct, not useful

I muscle tested these again, and the results were the same.

So, if the numbers are so low, why am I saying that many of the stuff they have is useful?

Didn’t I say somewhere else that anything under 500 vibration is useless? I did say that. Was I right? Yes, Was I wrong? Yes.

Huh? Come again?

The usefulness is not always in the content matter. The usefulness often comes from looking at things differently, through a different looking glass, through a different distinction.

You can ask a thousand people, all from different backgrounds, to look at, let’s say digestion, and they will all see different things.

Why? Because they all concentrate on one main framework, what we here call distinction, and they look at the world, including digestion through that.

what to eatYou can look at digestion in a mechanistic way. Or through the digestive juices. Or through the harmful stuff that you ingest, through the parasites, through good and bad microorganisms, through chemistry, through blood type, through pathogens, through raw or cooked, processed or unprocessed, spicy, blah blah blah.

And the “diagnosis” and the recommendation to fix the condition will be vastly different.

The Human Design Institute looks at digestion yet again from a different vantage point, from a different distinction, namely your “design”.

I have had my own “reading”.

The Human Design system is mechanistic, and therefore deterministic, and therefore highly arrogant, meaning pretends to know everything, much like a religion.

But using any body of knowledge for the sake of getting a different “looking glass” is very intelligent, and raises your vibration… unless you take it like the truth.

primary health systemHere is their focus: PRIMARY HEALTH SYSTEM – PHS is about how we are genetically designed to digest food and take in the nutrients that support the uniqueness of our form and in particular our cognitive differentiated brain function. (this is about how to eat, rather than what to eat).

Now, that focus, I must admit, is amazing. No one every thinks that it matters how they eat, beyond the rules of thumb: sit down, get calm, be present, chew your food, blah blah blah.

The student I mentioned in yesterdays article got in touch. She had just got sick from Almond butter. She was very hungry and ate it by the spoonfuls.

Her digestive system said WTF? and made her experience pain, which is how your body communicates to you. Pain is good. It is a feedback to you that you are doing something wrong, something that doesn’t agree with your body.

Her digestion and my digestion is the same “class” so I knew exactly what went wrong: the almond butter needed no chewing, so her digestive system had no time to prepare itself to what was coming. Chewing does more than just chops the food, it communicates to the digestive system what is coming.

As you see, this “distinction” makes you look at stuff otherwise you would not even consider.

I made a similar mistake yesterday: I pureed my cauliflower… and got promptly sick from it. Same thing: the digestive system didn’t have time, didn’t have warning, it just had an onslaught of unidentified stuff swung at it… it complained loudly, and hurt for quite a while.

I don’t know how many “types” there are with regards to how to eat, but I’ll find out. Once I’ll know what different ways we can look at eating, I’ll be able to muscle test it for you.

It will take time, and a considerable money investment for me to learn that stuff, but I’d do anything for you, my dear human…

human design: what is your strategy?PS: One other really useful and different distinction was your “strategy” in Human Design that had the potential to transform my life. I used to act on everything and anything that tickled my fancy. Nowadays, I hang back and allow things to come to me, quite a challenge if you ask me. I listen inward, for guidance, for resistance, for fear, for any response… and that is my strategy in making moves, making decisions. Who would have thought that humanity is not one size fits all… lol. Right?

When they tell you to be true to yourself… you have no idea what that means, do you? You have no idea what is the design of the self that you are… because popular science looks one way… and that’s that… One size fits all… leaving 99% of humanity miserable. Welcome to the world.

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One Reply to “Human Design… a different view, distinction, looking glass, focus…”

  1. Sophie thank you for this article. Somehow I missed it. I find that digestion is the most complicated issue and I can see how tree of knowledge in this issue has very little help. I’ve learned from seeing my clients that there is so much more to health then what we know and what books teach us.


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