Vibrational Review: Geniuxole System

what is your real iq?

Geniuxole System

People are looking for ways to become smarter. And you should… I mean you should become smarter.

There is one major issue and that is: where do you think smarts lives?

We have spoken of this before, but let me repeat it for those that are new:

Human beings have two major dimensions. If I wanted to draw it, I would draw a cross.

The horizontal line is your periphery, the world, the hubbub of daily happenings, the weather… other people.

The vertical is endless in both directions, and it connects to the core of your being, to the core of existence, and it connects to All Knowledge.

If I wanted to represent it in a different way, I would draw a circle.

The aspects of a human being that serve the horizontal, worldly interests are on the surface of the circle, the aspects of a human being that connect to all intelligence, all knowledge are on the inside.

Common perception looks at the mind as if it were at the crossing point of these two aspects. If it were true, developing your mind would make you more capable, more suitable for the world, and more connected to all-of-it at the same time.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Although the mind is a brain function, mostly, it uses only about 1% of your brain capacity.

In most people that I measure, this is the reason they only use only 1% of their brain: they live in their mind, they spend all of their time there.

Here is the misunderstanding: the mind can only deal with, the mind can only process what you already put into it. It is also highly vulnerable to influences, it has a set of filters that skew the incoming information, so the mind is a very dumb machine.

When you live in your mind, you are dumb, and I don’t say that to insult you, I say that to wake you up. Of course the mind doesn’t like it, but there is a whole world of knowledge out there that the mind doesn’t know about, cannot know about, because it is your inside the circle aspects that connect to it.

increase your iqSo when you do exercises devised by people who don’t understand how it works, you make your mind stronger, and your self stupider…

There are many technologies that do that, make you stupider, and one of them is the Geniuxole System. It has success stories like any “modality” because there are some people that don’t live 100% of the time in their mind, that most of their decisions and most of their life isn’t predicated on what’s already in the mind.

These people can use the Geniuxole System harmlessly. But chances are that you are not one of them, and the System won’t do any good for you, au contraire, will make you even dumber, looking for answers that are not there. Or finding old junk, and repeating information that you never understood, never tested, and wasn’t true to begin with.

What you need, instead, is developing your capacities that connect you to all knowledge, and the exercises for that are not straightforward, they don’t make much sense… to the mind. The mind doesn’t like exercises that don’t make sense to it. The mind doesn’t trust those… but unfortunately to all of us, all power, all happiness, all real satisfying, fulfilling success lives outside of the mind.

Vibrational review:

Geniuxole System: vibration: 190

your strong emotions make you dumbIf your issues of understanding, comprehension, retaining and remembering, emptying the mind, removing the filters, removing the noise produces faster results.

One of the remedies I can offer is the Heaven on Earth, any version of it, bottles or audio.

Most of what’s in your mind, most of the activity, is fear based, worry, anxiety, trying real hard, or resisting. All of these respond well to the magical energies infused into Heaven on Earth. You’ll be instantly more intelligent, because you will be more available to hear what’s going on, to see more accurately. Guaranteed.

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