Marketers are storytellers, often liars… Healers, teachers, gurus, are marketers. And they are liars if their stories are lies…

healers are marketersOne of my favorite books is Seth Godin’s ‘All Marketers Are Liars.’

Now, this book isn’t teaching not to believe everyone’s story, it teaches how to craft your story so people that are like you, that people that are easily fascinated, will become your fans.

In the industry of healers, gurus, psychics, ascension people, the stories are more important than in any other industry.

Don’t be mistaken, this is a billion dollar industry, and the more you lie the more you make. Being pretty is also an asset: everyone is easier enamored with a pretty angel than with a homely one… When they come up in your dreams, you want them to be pretty and nonthreatening…

So, what is the standard build of a winning story, a winning biography for a psychic-healer-guru?

Obviously it begins with childhood: there is always the “I was different” angle, the occasional aunt or uncle.

The child had to be different, maybe even weird, otherwise who would she be able to prove that she has special powers, and maybe she is even from another planet?

This angle, the “another planet”, or alien intelligence, is very fascinating. It caters to the child in you, the child that is unable to take care of themselves, and everything an adult does looks like a miracle.

Loving fables, stories, allowing your imagination to be lead to magical lands, to creatures that can do all the things that you can’t, is healthy, very healthy. It expands the limited scope of your world, expands your thinking, expands your creativity.

Much of what is what we take for granted today were invented as a fantastical idea in books, like the books of Jules Verne, of Leonardo Da Vinci, and the like.

But believing these as reality is outright stupid, and you don’t want to live there.

There are no aliens, there are no gods, angels, spirits, and such. It’s a good story, but not reality.

If any of your favorite gurus claims superior power because they are an extraterrestrial, run. They are lying, and on some level you know it.

Why is it harmful to start living in that la-la land of magical fairies, alien intelligences, gods, angels, and spirit guides?

Because doing that reduces you to an effect. It reduces you to powerless. It reduces you to less.

There is nothing more powerful, more majestic, more amazing that a fully developed human being

A fully developed human being is the king of the Universe. The powers you carry in your genes, the dormant, unused, neglected powers and capacities are enormous, but if your attitude is that you are small, puny, and need mommy to wipe your ass, then, of course, you are not near of who you are.

The fables these guys and gals sell you as their biography, believed, reduce you to mere children, and make you the victims, the prey of these power-hungry, malevolent people.

Because they are people like you are, except they don’t have, or don’t care to use, obey their conscience, their soul’s guidance, any of it. They prefer to feed on you and your childish enthusiasm coupled with the misery you feel.

When I “review” these people, I don’t normally read their stuff, watch their stuff, I don’t like to read stories made up and presented as real. I love reading, I love watching movies that don’t pretend: they are stories.

So how do I review these people if I don’t become one of their “students” or “clients”?

teal-scott-liarI use muscle testing while I am connected to Source (All-of-it, the zero point field, all-knowledge. Not a person, an energy field.) and I am connected to them. By the way, connecting energetically to some of these people is dangerous, their energy jumps over and tries to enslave me… we call these attachments. Luckily I have a lot of experience of removing attachments, thanks to a one time boy friend of the richest of these users of people… It took me a lot of work over a period of a few months to rid him of the attachments that returned because he was still in love with her.

Or the attachments by Mr. T. — that was quite an experience. Even just saying the name I get an attachment jumping on me, or my house.

So, I take the risk and connect to them so I can measure their vibration, and feel their feelings. That is what empaths do. By the way, before I knew the word “empath” I was called a clair-sensar, because that is a more apt description of what I am. The word is based on the same structure as clair-voyant. Clair stands for clear, I guess, and voyant stands for seeing. Clair-sensar means can feel from a distance, clearly, as if it were right there.

When I am connected to another person I am that person. Not pleasant, by the way. Most of you feel bad… Ah the curse!

Because I spent a lot of time and energy to identify feelings using Dr. Edward Bach’s work with the flowers, and using my live calls, I am about 80% reliable in identifying the exact feeling the person has.

The error is not mine, the error is Dr. Bach’s… unfortunately. I guess I am getting better the more feedback I get from students.

The feelings I feel when connected to these people give me a good picture of who they are. And the muscle tests that I use to verify my hunches about that, tell me if I am right or wrong.

I always ask if their story is true. It never is… 😦

So there you have it.

Teal Scott 150 aka Teal Bosworth, Christie Marie Sheldon 130, Ann Taylor healer 170, and the myriad of other miracle makers: Marketers ARE liars if and when their stories are fake. They are also a fraud… as in defrauding you, my dear childish gullible, miracle seeker friend.

Sorry to be the one breaking it to you, but crawling when you can fly is not attractive.

Now get up, and start learning what you are made of, what are the capacities that you never used, and start being the miracle you are.
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