Talk Back to Me: Shall I sign up to the Preventative Healthcare Grid?

Sophie –

Stacey Mayo just set up a Preventative Healthcare Grid, described at .
I’m thinking of signing up for it for one of my cats who has a lot of sinus problems. And also maybe signing up for myself because of my allergy to milk. If I sign up for it, it will scan my body several times a day and find toxins, allergies (things listed at the above link) and treat them. As a preventative measure.

Would you be willing to connect to Source and find out if participating in the Preventive Healthcare Grid is harmless? Or if it might cause Dark Side results like attachments?

(sent $20 through PayPal)

Thank you very much!

K, this woman’s personal vibration is 130. How much do you think she can do what she claims she does

Stacey Mayo: personal vibration: 130
Sentelligent Healing Facilitator
Medical Intuitive and Career Intuitive
Teacher of Sentelligent Healing

Instead of giving all the power to another to fix your problems (or your cat’s problems) please get conscious, please.

Honestly, what makes you think that a program, a person, can do what you hope you are buying? First off: connecting to someone, scanning their body for toxins, etc. is a one-on-one job. This woman, well known, popular, like all psychopaths that sound good, can sell themselves, but sell hot air, lies, etc. is promising something that is not possible.

And you are buying because you are interested in miracles, interested in doing the same things over and over again, and instead of getting responsible, you just throw money on your issues.

Here is an example, mine… A year or so ago I found out that there is such a thing as fructose intolerance. I experimented with it, and found that in fact I am one of those with severe fructose intolerance.

I have avoided stuff with more than just traces of fructose ever since. I find that now I can eat two prunes without getting the symptoms, one grape (not two!), and I am fine, I am happy: there are a lot of things I can eat, and I learn to enjoy those.

Here is another example, also mine. Six months ago I found out that the guts change the composition of the digestive micro-flora (micro organisms) dependent on how you eat.

At that point I had put myself on an all protein diet, no carbs, and only onions and garlic as vegetables. I felt good, but then I started to experiment.

Every time I was in the grocery store, I muscle tested all the vegetables, and my body reacted even before the muscle test with disgust…

I found the all protein diet boring, and decided to return to omnivore type of eating. I had to add a spoonful of vegetable every wee, because my body needed to change in the guts to accommodate my change in my diet.

What am I saying, what am I trying to say?

You need to work with your body, instead of hoping that some prayer, some supplement, some ointment will solve your issues.

Allergy, sinuses, mucus, are often a result of disturbance in your guts. Whether you are a human or a cat.

Cat food, commercial cat food has lots of allergens, that cats should never eat, like corn. Start by changing the cat food, find pro-biotics ((I use Dr Williams’ probiotics, and haven’t tested any other…, but have seen another brand that may be just as good–3-oz_p_983.html)) both for yourself and your pet, pay attention and make tentative connections between food and symptoms…

And ask me on the coaching calls… I am always willing to deal with an extra question a call about health… I don’t currently have any other healing calls… so it’s a great thing for me to deal with it a little here and there.

4 Replies to “Talk Back to Me: Shall I sign up to the Preventative Healthcare Grid?”

  1. Thank you Sophie. You saved me from throwing money at this one!

    I agree with what you say and are doing with food. But I had reached the end of what I could find to do and decided to reach for miracles. I’ve been taking probiotics (and also fish oil, those are the two things that have had the biggest impact on my health) for over 15 years and I seldom get sick. But they haven’t done anything for the milk allergy. And, as for my kitten, I totally agree with you about the probiotics and no corn. I have been giving the kitten Mercola and Wysong pet probiotics since he was born (fed to the mama cat and then, when weaned, to the kitten). And he only receives grass-fed raw meat and similar foods that are basically natural to cats. No corn, no dry food. His brother, raised the same way, has no problems. I’ve researched and tried everything I can find (won’t bore you with the list). I hate watching him suffer, so now I was reaching for a miracle.

    As for me, you’re right, I still very unrealistically believe in miracles. The realistic way, I have to give up milk, or just have a tiny amount occasionally, as you described. The miracle way, I would be able to have all the milk I want. 🙂


  2. Hmmm . . . “miracles and misery.” Kind of has a ring to it.

    Seriously though, thank you for setting me straight on this. I can see that responsibility is the way to go.

    And thank you for looking into the cat sinus situation!


  3. Such a great reminder for me. I tend to give up on things and go looking for a different route especially healing since that’s what I do. There is no other routes though. It’s all work. Thank you.


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