Vibrational Reviews

Number after the person’s name signifies personal vibration, unless it’s an organization, then it signifies truth value.

The numbers are vibrational numbers, on a 1-1000 logarithmic scale.
Total truth is 1000…
Look at the map to see what each level feels like

Harrison Klein 170
Bruce Lipton 170
Gregg Braden 210
Eric Pearl 150
Joan Borysenko 210
Howard Martin 210
Guy Finley 170
Sue Morter 150
Bruce Goldberg 130

Anodea Judith 130
Paramahansa Yogananda 180
Alan Watts 150
Herbert W. Armstrong (Founder of Worldwide Church of God) 170
Blanton 210
Bob Bell 170
Cassiopea 200
Charles Haneel 170
Christopher Tims 210
Clayton Nolte (Structured Water) 210
Colette Baron Reid 210
Cory Michelle (Access Consciousness) 150
Crimson Circle truth value: 100
Emmanuel Dagher 110
Darius Barazenda 130
David Wilcock 150
Debra Cummings 150
Desteni (cult?) truth value: 80
Dr John Demartini 200
Dr Joe Dispenza 150
Dr Rick Hanson 150
Dr.Zhi Gang Sha 170

I have reviewed these two people a few months ago but their vibration
has dropped since: Gary Douglas is 200, Dain Heer is 170.

Christie Marie Sheldon is 150 right now.
Continued in another article… I am on a roll…

2 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews”

  1. Thank you, Sophie. It seems that some people are able to make the most of their level. I wonder if there is another quantifiable factor, like “Power of Will” that some people have or use to be so charismatic and effective.


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