Vibrational Review: Trivortex and Brian David Andersen and energized water

trivortex and Brian David AndersenAs usual, this review was prompted by a student’s email to me.

After I spent two days in pain from checking out an energy “healer” in California, I was quite scared to expose myself again.

Yesterday I cloaked myself diligently every 30 minutes, and before I fell asleep, and woke up well and without pain. So here is the email and here is the review… interesting.

Good morning Sophie.

Could you please test this guy for me and if his products any good? My friend has a wellness shop in town and I used to work for her some. A year ago she sold me a Tri-Vibe and a Disc which I don’t use. Apparently products do something because people report pain disappearing and water tastes better but I have muscle tested it against the body and it makes chakra’s weak and water to me tastes no different. Vortex is very strong I actually feel it. If I put it over my body it makes me dizzy.

My testing (muscle testing while connected to Source) shows that the trivortex disk may produce the same or similar changes in the water as my Water energizer. The time, 30-180 seconds can’t be correct, but it is possible that the disc actually energizes the water by removing the incoherence. To the degree it removes it, to the same degree the water becomes coherent and drinkable. The price: $75 is quite prohibitive for most, especially compared with the audio which is $20 and you can have several copies of it playing at the same time, while you have to buy several disks to have the same results.

The rest of the stuff I think is quite hokey…

I haven’t tested using the audio against a body part that hurts… you should test it for me, I’d test it myself, but I rarely have anything that hurts.

Brain david andersnet tri-vortexAbout the founder: Brian David Andersen: personal vibration: 190. Feeling: pressing shield over entire chest, from underarm to underarm, very immobilizing… with occasional stabs of pain in the Seat of The Soul (the triangular area above the heart). Despair… hopelessness.

Also, I would like to ask if you could please test if I am energy sensitive? When ever in the past I would go to energy healing websites or hold any energy product it squeezes my chest and it’s hard to breathe. After learning from you I am not interested in energy healers any more especially after I learned about attachments they can put. I hope I don’t have any…

Yes, you are energy sensitive… i.e. normal… the people that don’t feel the energies are too dense from stuck energies, and probably can’t feel much of anything.


UPDATE: several of my students stopped using their gadget after this article and got better, funky problems disappeared… hm. Interesting.

14 Replies to “Vibrational Review: Trivortex and Brian David Andersen and energized water”

  1. Sophie, thank you so much for this review. That’s interesting about the disk. I noticed plants die really fast if disk is put under the vase with water but I also remember you said plants don’t like energized water. Would you say that wearing tri-vibe neckless that he has on his neck is safe for our energy? When I put it on it gives me a headache… an energy it emits is so strong it goes in a vortex. I am not sure if that’s beneficial. Thank you.


  2. Sophie, have you ever find a review of the Bioelecttic Shield? It is a disk-shaped pendant that contains some quartz crystals. I had one for 15 years, and it was like my best friend. It seemed to he very attuned to my energy. When I first tried it on, I could only wear it for a few minutes. Then longer and longer.

    It kind of fell apart and I lost it around the time I started working with you. Maybe its work was done.


  3. Sophie – Did you really say plants don’t like energized water? When I purchased the Water Energizer audio, I did a search of the yourvibration website for plants and energized water and couldn’t find anything, so I started watering my plants with the energized water and they look to me like they’re liking it.
    Also, is energized water good for our pets?


  4. Sophie’s “Review” has been posted on the Tri-Vortex Technology website with my comments in green below each section. Go to and scroll down to section titled Skeptics and Maven’s name or go to

    In reply to Amy questions

    I recommend you study the Tri-Vortex Technology Research page at and follow the protocols used by the individuals who have conducted plant tests.

    You said the plants died faster when disc was applied to the water. My question – faster than what? Try this simple test

    Buy two roses and bottle of distilled water. Make sure your Tri-Vortex items are not near water and jars for flowers.

    Put one rose in distilled water that is not treated by disc and put one rose in jar with distilled water with the disc under the jar. Make sure the jars are at least 10 feet apart. Watch flowers for 20 days and take photographs each day if you have a camera.

    Now repeat this test with Maven’s audio tones via a headset. Did the flower treated by Maven’s audio tones die at the same rate as the flower put into distilled water and not treated by the tones?

    Tri-Vibes. – A clinical trial was conducted by a medical doctor with 20 individuals. Ten individual wore a placebo and ten persons wore the real Tri-Vibes. Blood tests were taken before the amulets were applied and second blood tests were done 40 days later. The placebo group stayed the same in their nutrient values. Those who wore the real Tri-Vibes had statistically significant major increases. Some individuals had no deficiencies.

    A 21st person was included in the study. The 76 year old male had diabetes and his first blood test stated he had five significant vitamin deficiencies. After wearing the amulet for 40 days his second blood test indicated he had no vitamin deficiencies.

    Amy – now that you know these scientific facts do you still give any credence to Sophie’s opinion of “oppressive” that is based upon her not wearing the amulet or personally experiencing any Tri-Vortex Technology product whatsoever?

    Hopefully logic will prevail.


  5. Follow-up to Amy.

    All Tri-Vortex items and especially the Tri-Vibes can stimulate a detox of the body that sometimes can exhibit as headaches or fatigue. While wearing amulet make sure you hydrate enough so that the color of the toilet t water is a slight yellow.


  6. Because I have never tested your audio tones product, I have not made any opinions on them. Accusing me of trashing your tones is again one of your continuing fabrications.

    However, when one your customers does a flower test with your audio tones and then compares the results with flower tests with the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc, then the results will either trash your product or promote your product.

    Thank you for the reveiw and the opportunity to furhter market Tri-Vortex Technology products.

    I will send you a complementary Disc in exchange for you sending me an audio tape. You can do a flower test with the disc and I will conduct a flower test with your audio tones.

    I have completed the protocols numerous times and I will advise you if needed.

    How is that for class? And if you refuse my offer what kind of class do you have?


    1. Flower tests are as good as placebo. When I was investigating the Healing Codes, one of the HC coaches did tests with strawberries and the codes… except the Healing Codes don’t do anything unless there is an inner change in the person, namely the experimenter.

      Flowers are simple organisms, and respond to the person who waters them more than to some energies.
      But on the other hand you are protecting your business, and I don’t blame you: it needs protecting.

      I don’t make my money through flower testing, because I don’t make a living selling audios. I make my living transforming people inside… that is what will make a difference with them, not some bs disks, not even energized water. And what is good in living longer if someone is rotting inside from the tension and greed.

      Please don’t send me anything, I prefer to protect myself from voodoo products, that I have distance tested as harmful.

      If you want my audio, you can buy it. It’s downloadable, inexpensive, you can play it on your computer with your computer headset… You are welcome to test it. But I’d rather that you stop using my site as your sounding board.

      Your energy is horrid, and as an empath I have to deal with it. I’d rather not. go away.


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