Vibrational Reviews: Bending God, Eric Robeson, DNA activation, Rose Rosetree, Bodytalk, John Veltheim, Christopher Pinckley, Carl Jung, Carnelian Sage, Manifestation

Bending God: A Memoir By Eric Robison Personal vibration: 190… book truth value: 4%
“DNA activation”. How much truth is on the website, and the founder Sol Luckman?
Truth value of “DNA activation”: 170, Sol Luckman personal vibration: 150
Rose RosetreeRose Rosetree ENERGY SPIRITUALITY and energetic literacy EMPATH EMPOWERMENT, AURA READING, FACE READING and ENLIGHTENMENT COACHING Personal sessions: aura healing and transformation, regression therapy, cutting cords of attachment. Rose Rosetree personal vibration: 190; truth value: 170
John_Veltheim_BodyTalkBodytalk John Veltheim: personal vibration: 170; truth value of teachings/method: 190… It is a kind of fake it till you make it system. No transformation.
christopher pinckleyChristopher Pinckley Mastering manifestation: Personal vibration: 190. Method: 140
carl-jungCarl Jung psychiatrist Personal vibration: 170; Theory: 190
ManifestationBook3DCarnelian Sage. The name is a nome-de-plum, not a real name. Nevertheless, it was written by a person. Personal vibration: 170; Truth value: 120

In this article, unfortunately I mix apples with oranges as far as truth value goes. I have two ways to express truth value: vibrational number or percentage.

Because the vibrational scale is like a hockey stick, all these numbers, 120, 150, etc… are very very low numbers on the graph and on the percentage scale.

3 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews: Bending God, Eric Robeson, DNA activation, Rose Rosetree, Bodytalk, John Veltheim, Christopher Pinckley, Carl Jung, Carnelian Sage, Manifestation”

  1. Sophie, thank you so much for your reviews. I am beginning to see that all those who try to teach high power, manifestation thing, energy healing they all have low vibration because they offer an easy fix… something you just create in your mind following their mind teachings without putting any work to it. I would like to know the vibration of Dr. Mark Sircus and his teaching. I have his books and use his protocols. I am beginning to see some things there too… Thank you so much.


  2. Your vibrational reviews have been very helpful, all of the ‘gurus’ etc. that I have been involved with over the years are virtually all under 200 or even as low as 140! No quick fix I am afraid! I would be grateful if you would review Maureen Moss at when you have time, as I am subscribed to her newsletter and have her audio course ‘Birthing the Heart and Mind of God’ although I have not started listening to it yet or may not even bother if your rating is poor. Thanks again for these reviews!


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