Vibrational Reviews: Raymon Grace: Energizing Your Water, Kute Blackson, And On Emptiness That Fills Your Core, And How Do The Activators Work

raymon grace water dvdVibrational Reviews: Raymon Grace: energizing your water, Kute Blackson, and the emptiness that fills your core

Yesterday I received a DVD of Raymon Grace (personal vibration: 170) from one of the students, so I can test it.

Raymon Grace

Now, I hate to admit, I am not sure what to make of what I experienced.

I put a pitcher of water in front of the monitor, as instructed. The water’s vibration was 190… it was already purified. Then I poured out of the pitcher about 1/4 glass into a glass and held it high.

Did not repeat any of the affirmations, just held it while Raymon, a Virginia hillbilly went on talking and swinging his dowsing rod. ((my experience with a dowsing rod was disappointing: it came up with all kinds of answers, so I put it aside. This was before I knew I could connect to Source, and use muscle testing. The rod indeed seems to spin as if it had a mind of its own, by the way))

Then, after a while, I measured the vibration of the water in the glass: its vibration dropped to 170, yet tasted almost as good as a fully charged water, which is 650…

I can’t explain it. I don’t know what happened. I only know that the best tasting stuff you put in your mouth, if its vibration is lower than the minimum the body requires, which is 300, will use the energy of the body to make itself assimilable.

All that energy, used up to energize the water, could be used to kill cancer cells, or make you feel good.

Raymon did not use any Source energy, but seems to have invoked Fourth Plane energies with his words. He never altered his consciousness, he didn’t enter altered state, or anything higher than normal waking consciousness. So he was right, he didn’t do anything that you can’t duplicate: you can repeat incantations or affirmation, invoke angels and spirits in your waking normal state, just like him.


Kute Blackson

Kute Blackson: a student called me in distress to help him de-Kute himself. He listened to this guy’s inspirational, motivational talks, especially when he talks about love, and he got literally sick from it: migraine, liver congestion, nausea, trembling, and sweating.

First: it won’t have that effect on everyone. This student’s soul correction is “Soul Mate” and his approach to other people is to get into them, as if he were making love to them. ((I’ll make an update to the writeup on that soul-correction: this is typical of a Soul Mate person))

If you have sex (real or virtual!) with everyone you meet, their diseases, their communicable diseases will end up your diseases. This is the story of his life. He has virtual sex, unconsciously, with everyone (I wonder if he relates to me this way too… lol. Or maybe I am too old for him? rofl) so he is a regular on my calendar of having to remove attachments, or for healing.

So, more about Kute Blackson: he is a young black man from Africa. He is a consummate motivational speaker, ((A motivational speaker’s job is to lift you up during the time he speaks, and make you believe that you can fly now. The fact that he didn’t teach you to fly, that you are heavy and drop back down is your problem, not theirs. Being a motivational speaker is one of the most pretentious occupations: all of your efforts and all of your attention is outward driven, and you get emptier with every passing day, and you know it. This is why these people have the right-side chest pain: shame and guilt: impostor syndrome. On the other hand, motivational type of speak, inspiration si very useful if it is to prepare your “soil” to receive and nurture a seed… without motivation, without putting you into a state of being where you can see, albeit temporarily, that you can, your mind will refuse to accept the seed of a future, the seed of an action… I personally should try to get better at motivation…)) he travels the world, and people flock to him.

He calls himself and his talks transformational, but they are not. They are consolational.

His personal vibration is 170, which shows his level of understanding the world: how it really works. Low, low, low.

I would like to call him religious, though I don’t know if it is factual, but his approach is like that. This is why it is so attractive to the people he talks to: they are used to it. It is familiar. And it requires little of them. It also talks about love as if it were available for people on the level of vibration where they are at, including himself.

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