Is the Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon for real? A Review

I have gone to her webinars, and I have students who have.

The whole methodology of Christie Marie Sheldon is to do incantations. Incantations like a witch, which is quite in character, considering her little wicked giggle, even though it is a nervous laugh, much like a tik… she probably has no control over it. It is irritating nevertheless.

She says that she uses the energy of the audience, and she is not lying about that. She managed to put an energy sucking attachment on my neck: except I caught it early, I suffered only three days before I checked myself for an attachment, and removed it.

My personal experience is that people who flock to Christie Marie Sheldon, are suckers for miracles, have no or low self confidence, and are not really willing to do what it takes to make a buck.

The testimonials are from the exception.

Also, as an empath I can tell you with certainty, that Christie Marie Sheldon doesn’t believe a word she says, and neither does her promoter, owner of MindValley, an Indian guy, didn’t catch his name.

He may have gotten a private session from Christie, but if he produced any results, it wasn’t because of what Christie did, it was because of what he did. He is ambitious, driven, and willing to go the extra mile, and more, to become successful.

His energy is stormy, insistent, I hated his energy even more than Christie’s…

This is my review.

If you are not a typical Christie Marie Sheldon, and Unlimited Abundance junkie, then I recommend my Abundance Activator, but only if your vibration is above 200. If it isn’t, start with the Harmonize your Vibration, until it raises your vibration to 200.

6 Replies to “Is the Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon for real? A Review”

  1. Have you ever checked out Stuart Wilde? A very cagey magus…

    I am a fan of Raymon Grace, he energizes water, and does dowsing, he seems to have a very good heart, and no agenda other than to help and heal.


  2. Sophie,

    Thank you for sharing this. I fear she may have had a hold on me for quite some time. After reading this, and really viewing my life from the moment I ever started paying attention to her and MindValley, I just feel and sense this depleting quality regarding my life.

    Or I’m just responsible for my current misery and I’m simply justifying.

    Regardless, I’m thankful to have come across this.


  3. I had signed up for her sessions… 3 days later I asked for my money back…. It made me feel anxious and I had a hard time getting past the laugh.


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