Vibrational Reviews: More Distance Healers

Coherent Healing and Medical Intuitive Matt DiLorenzo
personal vibration: 160
accuracy of “diagnosis”: 20%
Effectiveness of healing: 30%
empath? no

Susan Grey healer
empath? no
how does she connect? through “seeing”
fake? fraud? yes (judging from her own self-perception)
internal state: anguish
personal vibration: 190
healing effective: ~50% (mostly placebo effect)

Healing by Betsy
personal vibration: 200
fake? fraud? no
connects to client: 20% of the time
healing effectiveness: 50% (can’t seem to find the reason… sorry)

10 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews: More Distance Healers”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been trying to raise my vibration of late with the Silva method and was suprised that you have novibration readings on Laura Silva, Isabel Silva or the Silva philosophy.


  2. Hi,
    I’m sorry that my previous comment was broken.

    I’ve been trying to raise my vibration of late with the Silva method and was surprised that you have no vibration readings on Laura Silva, Isabel Silva or the Silva philosophy. Does this have a particular reason? and which is the best system for raising vibration?


  3. Hi Sophie, I was led to your review of me and my work, and was surprised to see what you said. I actually do not “see” things; rather I feel them. I realized that you did this reading on November 7th of 2012. On 11/7 I was supposed to be travelling to London. I had fallen and injured myself a few days prior to the trip and had canceled it. We were putting our beloved 15 year old dog to sleep on that day, and it was the anniversary of my mom’s death when I was 23. So, I had taken the day to just allow me to really just be with my grieving. A lot of deep crying on that day. No wonder you felt anguish. I am very good at feeling my feelings and releasing them. I invite you to do your intuiting again sometime. Please not on May 1st, the anniversary of my dad’s death when I was 7. I still need and take some extra time for myself on that day. 🙂 Susan Grey


    1. OK Susan. Let me look at you… OK. deep left side pain, difficulty breathing, general weakness, slight dizziness. Maybe because you are waiting for my answer.

      Let me look at your vibration: 190, but your “earned” vibration is 180.

      Honestly, I hoped that I was wrong, but it doesn’t seem that way.


      1. for Sophie: Just thought I would look again as someone contacting me for healing brought up your review, Sophie. . I had not gone back to see your reply. Well, it is true that I have had deep left side pain. I had polio at infancy and have post polio syndrome, had a bad injury in 1994, fracturing my left fibula, tearing the ligaments in my ankle, breaking the 3rd metatarsal and damaging the nerves. And, I had bronchial alveolar cancer in 2007, and had the upper left lobe of my lung removed, so my breathing might reflect that. At the same time, I have been able to help a lot of people and animals, and as I see that almost no healers or practitioners are viewed as having vibrations , Sophie, I am not going to concern myself with it. Good Luck and God Bless!


  4. Sophie , I have had 3 sessions with Susan Grey and she was supposed to help me with some serious physical ailments.Since the sessions I had lab work and the problems are still there.Susan thinks I should have another session but at 250/hr. I just can’t afford it.Besides I have lost my faith in her.


    1. Susan Grey sent me this: for Silverlight :

      Please email me, and I can refund you at least some of your fees. I cannot determine from “Silverlight” whom you are. Thanks. I also do not charge up front, and tell people I am fine with both being paid over time and with negotiating lesser fees if need be. Thanks!


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