Vibrational Review: Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love — A place to Love and be Loved

A student of mine, actually the best-performing student of mine asked me to check this guy, Mastin Kipp out.

I have a prejudice. The prejudice is that when someone is looking for a place to love and be loved, they barely got my Unconditional Love Activator. What does that mean? Isn’t getting it the same as listening to it?

No, not at all.

An activator needs to get to and accepted at all levels of your being, your conscious mind, your other than conscious mind, which is mistakenly called “subconscious mind,” your ego, your soul, your body, your heart, your history level, which is all your blood relatives, so it is a complicated affair.

Most people listen to the recording with their conscious mind, maybe even cry, thinking that they got it. I myself only got it 70%! I still cannot feel being loved. I feel loving, but not the “love” that comes towards me, whether it comes from you or from Source. I can feel caring, concern, gratitude coming towards me, but not love. It’s blocked. That is the missing 30%.

The Unconditional Love Activator takes out the linchpin or cornerstone that keeps your miserable, puppet on a string, rat on the machine existence together. That is why aspects of you resist getting it.

I have been experimenting at different methods to make the percentage higher, and found one that propelled one student from 20% to 37% in just one take. I call that method “Activate Divinity” because that is how it feels.

Now, let’s return the Mastin Kipp and his Daily Love…

Mastin Kipp: personal vibration: 200, just on the borderline to take of becoming an expanding human being, not an iota further. Teaching others like him… he appeals to a crowd with an average vibration of 170.

At 170 (or even at 200) you have a habit of giving lip service to love, but you don’t have any capacity to love. Your world revolves around your needs, and love (the love I am talking about) is not needy; you love for no reason. It is not possessive. It cares not whether any love comes back. It is an overflowing of your fullness, and we call that love. It is asking for nothing in return: it just wants to flow out, empty you, so you can go back refilling yourself again.

It’s beautiful. It’s pleasant. It’s a joy for its own sake.

I’ll make my new “Activate Divinity” process (includes the Unconditional Love Activator) on Saturday, November 3 at 11 am, I am still working to make it a wholesome product that can guarantee that It will do the “job.”

The way it looks right now, it will be a four-module course, so it won’t be free, but because it is so important for you to become free to grow and live as a human BEING, it will be inexpensive. I promise…

Watch here for the announcement.  Clear your schedule. It will be only available to people who come to my monthly “Brilliance at Will” webinar, no exceptions. (This free online workshop is scheduled for the first Saturday of every month.) If you have attended this webinar before, you can come again, or let me know and I’ll give you access to the paypal button, once the course is ready.

You can sign up to the November 3 webinar. Make sure you include your cell phone (mobile phone) number so I can send you a text message an hour or so before the webinar, so you don’t forget. OK?

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